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Asia's tech news: March 2023 headlines
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Technology news: 2021 index

2021 index of Startup News Asia’s coverage of specific technologies, drawn from our daily startup news feeds

Each index listing below leads to a monthly round-up of news headlines specific to a particular technology – artificial intelligence, blockchain, crypto, cybersecurity and fintech – with each headline item listed linking to the online news source for that article.

Where possible, we focus on developments in the broad Asian and Indo-Pacific regions; but we do include a variety of of ‘outside world’ tech news items as a way to provide readers with new points of reference, wider food for thought and simply a more rounded knowledge of a particular technology, its applications and its issues.

Artificial intelligence news in 2021

Blockchain news in 2021

Cryptocurrency news in 2021

Cybersecurity news in 2021

Fintech news in 2021

UNSDGs: AI Resources (pdf)

Artificial intelligence news in 2021

Artificial Intelligence Report 2021, Stanford

Blockchain & DLT news in 2021

Blockchain Development Trends 2021 (pdf)

Crypto & digital currencies in 2021

Bloomberg Crypto Outlook: June 2021 (pdf)

Cybersec, datasec & privacy in 2021

Nation states, cyberconflict and the web of profit (pdf)

Fintech & banking tech in 2021

pwc Global CBDC Index, April 2021 (pdf)


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