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Asia's startup news: December 2020 summaries
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Occasional series

Startup News Asia downloads provide a snapshot of a country’s technology and startup news headlines across a particular month, or of news reported on a particular technology generally, globally, in a particular month.

Occasional Startup News Asia publications are available to download in PDF format here, in full offline-to-online format, using hyperlinks for online and screen-based reading, and QR codes so that you can print and read articles, offline to online.

Offline to online reading

Each Startup News Asia publication lists the headlines for a location or technology, with each headline linked to the online news item for that article, allowing you to read it immediately, online.

Each publication also features QR codes for each startup news item, allowing you to scan the codes direct from your screen, again allowing readers to get news articles immediately.

The QR codes also mean that you can print Startup News Asia publications and read any news article that interests you at any time later, by simply scanning from hardcopy.

December 2020
Technology news summaries

Startup News Asia downloads are PDF files hosted on Google Drive, with download links occasionally connecting to our tech news updates on LinkedIn.

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Startup News Asia PDF downloads

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