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Cyber attacks in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2024

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Technology news, developments and issues across Asia and the broad Indo-Pacific region in the first quarter of 2024 – that’s January, February and March, collectively – for course touched an a huge range of technologies and implementations, and successes and challenges.

Each link here connects to Q1 2024’s tech headlines for the jurisdiction concerned, both in full as a collective, one-page update, and broken out by month to cover January, February and March 2024 individually. This provides an at-a-glance overview of developments in some 15 jurisdictions across South and Southeast Asia, and the broad Indo-Pacific, namely:

Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Also available is our quarterly collection of critical technologies news in first quarter 2024, covering those technologies that are emerging as key, and their supporting ecosystems across supply, manufacture, materials, assembly and access.

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ASPI Sydney Dialogue

ASPI: The Sydney Dialogue – critical, emerging & cyber technologies

Australia's Southeast Asia strategy

Invested: Australia’s Southeast Asia strategy to 2040

Critical technologies Q1 2024

Critical technologies, quarterly – Q1 2024

India's Web3 Landscape Report 2023

Hashed Emergent: India’s Web3 Landscape Report 2023

LexisNexis Cost of Fraud 2023 - Asia Pacific

LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud 2023 – Asia Pacific

Digitizing Make In India Report 2024

Digitizing Make In India Report 2024

Deloitte - Tokenization of real-world assets

Deloitte: Tokenization of real-world assets (pdf link)

Cisco 2024 cybersecurity readiness

CISCO 2024 cybersecurity readiness index

Microsoft: East Asia cybersecurity

Microsoft: East Asia cybersecurity – Same targets, new playbooks

Malaysia Venture Capital 2024

Malaysia Venture Capital Roadmap 2024-2030

The Rugby DAO

The Rugby DAO – immersive fan experiences & Web3 gaming

Philippines VC 2024

Foxmont & BCG: Philippine Venture Capital Report 2024

2024 Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology

2024 Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology – October 2024

2024 Tech Trends

FTI 2024 Tech Trends Report: Over 700 technology & science trends

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on 2024 Elections Tracker

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on 2024 Elections Tracker

WEF Quantum Security for Finance

World Economic Forum: Quantum Security for the Financial Sector

Critical technologies quarterly in 2024

Space launch and satellites, semiconductors and RISC-V alternatives, quantum technologies and cryptography, lithium and critical minerals, supply chains and energy supply, cybersecurity and digital crime…

Australia and Critical Minerals

ASPI: Australia and the global critical minerals race

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Critical technologies in May 2024

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