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Technology news and developments across Asia and the Indo-Pacific in the 4th quarter of 2023 – October, November and December – spanned an obviously huge variety of successes, challenges, concerns and considerations.

These included, for instance: A Singapore pilot of China’s digital yuan currency; India’s moves into the space-tech industry; South Korea’s partnership with ASML on semiconductors, and nuclear power; Malaysia’s opportunities in semicon packaging; Australia’s hydrogen energy developments; and many more.

Each link below connects directly to the quarter’s tech news headlines for the jurisdiction concerned, in full, and broken out by month; for Q4 2023, that’s October, November and December.  This provides an at-a-glance overview of developments in some 15 locations across Asia and the broad Indo-Pacific region.

Also available is a quarterly round-up of critical technologies news in 2023’s 4th quarter, covering semiconductors, space technologies and satellite launch, critical minerals, supply chains and more, as reported globally across 2023’s 4th quarter.

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Critical technologies, quarterly news

Critical technologies, quarterly: Q4 2023 news summary

Australia quantum conference 2024

Quantum Australia 2024 Conference and Careers Fair – February 20-22

Cambodia Data Exchange

CAMDX: Cambodia Data Exchange Platform

China Strategy For RISC-V chips

Jamestown Foundation: Examining China’s Grand Strategy For RISC-V

PwC 2024 AI Business Predictions

PwC: 2024 Artificial Intelligence in Business Predictions

AI and India

EY: The AIdea of India – the economic potential for Generative AI

Digital Payments 2024

PwC Digital Payments Survey 2024: Southeast Asia landscape

Semiconductors - Europe and Indo-Pacific

Semiconductors in European & Indo-Pacific Economies: Geopolitical Risks

2024 Crypto Market

Coinbase Institutional: 2024 Crypto Market Outlook

Slush Malaysia 2024

Slush’D Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, March 7th 2024

e-commerce trends

JP Morgan: Global e-commerce trends report

Microsoft Future Of Work Report 2023

Microsoft: New Future Of Work Report 2023

Singapore National AI Strategy

Singapore National AI Strategy 2.0 (NAIS)

NATO's role in protecting undersea infrastructure

CSIS: NATO’s role in protecting critical undersea infrastructure

Journalism, media, tech trends 2024

Reuters / Oxford University: Journalism, media and technology trends 2024

China in space

CSIS: China’s progress towards space resilience and responsive launch

Critical technologies, globally in 2023 Q4
AUKUS and critical minerals

Australian Strategic Policy Institute: AUKUS and critical minerals

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US, Taiwan and Semiconductor Supply Chain

The US, Taiwan and Semiconductors – A Critical Supply Chain Partnership

Critical technologies in December 2023

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