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In producing SNA’s monthly, and daily, tech news round-ups, it was clear the same information can provide larger oversights in the form of quarterly technology news summaries, delivering from a larger, growing data set around trends and tech news coverage over time, and focusing on each of the jurisdictions that we cover.

Asia’s tech news, Quarterly

Q4: Fourth Quarter 2022
October, November & December

IMF: Central Bank Digital Currencies - Asia and the Pacific

IMF: Towards Central Bank Digital Currencies in Asia and the Pacific

Chinese AI Investment in Southeast Asia

CSET: Chinese AI Investment in Southeast Asia

Blockchain revival after crypto winter

Beyond the Freeze: Blockchain’s revival after the crypto winter

Japan's startup ecosystem

Japan: The people powering Japan’s startup ecosystem

Singapore: National Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Singapore: National Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Taiwan Startup Survey 2022

Taiwan Startup Survey 2022: Startups, Investors, ESG

Malign Interference in SE Asia

RUSI: Malign Interference in Southeast Asia

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2022 Annual Metaverse Virtual Real Estate Report

2022 Annual Metaverse Virtual Real Estate Report

Disinfo Docket: Research on global influence operations

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