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Cyber attacks in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2024

2024 Quarterly Index

Asia tech, quarterly in 2024

Given the population size and technological ‘weight’ of the broad Asian region, the first quarter of 2024 for obvious reasons produced headlines across a huge range of technologies, implementations, successes and challenges.

In Q1 of 2024, Asia’s tech news for instance touched on: China’s many space-launch activities and broad ambitions; India’s accelerating moves into the mid-range tech manufacturing sector, from consumer devices to semiconductors; Japan’s growing activities in domestic cybersecurity and related outreach in the region; Taiwan’s TSMC’s gains, and headaches, in setting up in the US; Malaysia’s bid to become a regional tech hub, with major investments to develop domestically and attract overseas participation; and many more.

Hit the links below for Asia’s tech quarterly, both in a single-page Q1 2024 format, and broken out into each jurisdiction’s monthly technology news index.

ASEAN-EU Partnership 2024-2025

ASEAN-European Union Strategic Partnership 2024-2025 (pdf link)

SXSW Sydney 2024 - Australia

SXSW Sydney 2024 / October in Australia

Deloitte on the tokenization of real-world assets

Deloitte: Tokenization of real-world assets (pdf link)

MERICS on China - The Party Knows Best

MERICS: The Party Knows Best – economic actors & China’s strategic goals

KPMG on virtual assets in 2023 and 2024

KPMG: Virtual Assets 2023 Review and 2024 Outlook

India's Digital Economy 2024

Centre for Internet & Digital Economy: State of India’s Digital Economy 2024

Indonesia digital payments

Bank Indonesia: Indonesia Payment Systems Blueprint 2025

Space and hypersonic missile defense

CSIS: Space and airborne sensors for hypersonic missile defense

Korea Startup Challenge 2024

K-Startup Grand Challenge 2024 – start-up in South Korea

Malaysia and Social Entrepreneurship

The Malaysia Social Entrepreneurship Framework 2030

New Zealand UpStart Nation 2023 Report

New Zealand: UpStart Nation 2023 Report (pdf link)

Connected Women: Digital workforce solutions

Connected Women: Digital workforce solutions

XPrize quantum tech competition

XPrize quantum technologies competition

Google on ASEAN and Artificial Intelligence

Google Whitepaper: An AI Opportunity Agenda for ASEAN

KPMG on Electric vehicles in Thailand

KPMG: Electric vehicles in Thailand

ASPI Sydney Dialogue

ASPI: The Sydney Dialogue – critical, emerging & cyber technologies

Critical technologies:
quarterly in 2024

Critical technologies in May 2024

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