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Indo-Pacific tech news, August 2023
Asia's tech news, weekly
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Asia’s tech news, daily

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Startup News Asia – SNA – delivers ongoing daily updates on technology news, gathered across South and Southeast Asia, and the broad Indo-Pacific region.  Our coverage gathers insights, articles, downloads and commentary spanning the technologies themselves, implementations, issues, concerns and challenges, alongside Asia’s many opportunities.

SNA’s daily Asia tech news updates go out on today’s key platforms – Twitter (now X), Facebook, LinkedIn and via mobile app – with our weekly newsletters going out to subscribers on Substack, and on LinkedIn.





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Asia’s Tech news: mobile app

Get the Startup News Asia mobile app (Android) on Google Play.

• Ongoing, daily news updates on Asia’s tech news
• Share news with colleagues, networks and beyond
• Built-in QR scanner
• QR Scan history, and news item history

Asia's tech daily: Mobile app

Asia’s tech daily: Mobile app

Asia’s tech news: LinkedIn

Part of Startup News Asia’s audience is the established professional in key technology and innovation industries – LinkedIn lets us deliver directly to this audience.

Asia's tech news, daily on LinkedIn

Asia’s tech news, daily on LinkedIn

Asia’s tech news on Twitter

For Startup News Asia, Twitter is a perfect fit, providing a short-form, at-a-glance platform for reporting on the many and varied technology systems, issues, challenges and opportunities across Asia and the Indo-Pacific region.

Asia tech news, daily on Twitter / X

Asia tech news, daily on Twitter / X

Startup news on Facebook

Startup News Asia was built explicitly to avoid the overheads of in-house editorial, commentary, public conversation and moderation, in favor of one-way news delivery and, so, FB is a secondary news platform for us; rest assured, though, we post there daily, as with the other platforms we deliver to.

Asia's tech news today, via Facebook

Asia’s tech news today, via Facebook

Asia tech newsletters

We’ve also used this daily technology news dataset to build out and populate Startup News Asia’s weekly e-newsletters on 2 platforms:

Asia’s tech news on Substack >

Asia tech newsletter: Weekly via Substack

Asia’s tech newsletter: Weekly via Substack

Asia’s tech news weekly on LinkedIn >

Asia's tech news, weekly on LinkedIn

Asia tech newsletter, weekly on LinkedIn

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