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Indo-Pacific tech news, August 2023
Asia's tech news, weekly
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2023 Monthly Index

Indo-Pacific tech news:
August 2023

Tech news from across Asia and the broad Indo-Pacific in August 2023 for obvious reasons covered a wide range of tech topics, issues and developments.

These included, for instance: Developments in the SEA-focused Regional Payment Connectivity initiative; China’s increasing interest in RISC-V chips, seen as a workaround to avoid foreign-made semiconductors; India’s launch of the BRICS Startup Forum; Australia’s hosting of the Indo-Pacific Space & Earth Conference in October; Seoul’s recent launch of the Semiconductor Fabless Alliance; and many more.

To read these, and other, tech news items from across Asia & the Indo-Pacific, hit the links below for each jurisdiction’s news index for August 2023 – each headline link featured will take you to the articles behind each headline, in full.

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ASPI - Australia's north and space

Australian Strategic Policy Institute: Australia’s north and space

Quantum Technologies Monitor

McKinsey & Co: Quantum Technologies Monitor

Tech in Asia Conference 2023

Tech in Asia Conference 2023 – October 18-19, Jakarta

Digital Penang Masterplan

Malaysia – Digital Penang Digital Transformation Masterplan 2021-2023

Indo-Pacific Semiconductor Supply Chains

CSIS: Indo-Pacific Semiconductor Supply Chains

Indo-Pacific Tech News

Indo-Pacific Tech News, September 2023 edition

Earlier in 2023

USSC - The Quad and maritime security

USSC – The Quad and collective maritime security

Asia’s Tech news: archives

China's United Front targets EU Semiconductor Sector

Europe in the Crosshairs: United Front Targets the Semiconductor Sector

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