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2023 Monthly Index

tech news: Asia & Indo-Pacific

Technology news across Asia and the Indo-Pacific in December 2023 of course spanned a huge range of items, implementations, developments and – inevitably – concerns.

These included, for instance: India’s gains in tech manufacturing, and its semiconductor ambitionsJapan’s moves into the small-satellites technology space; China-Singapore testing set for the ‘digital yuan’ as a payment method; South Korea’s partnership with The Netherlands on technologies including semiconductors and nuclear energy; Taiwan’s Foxconn’s diversification goals beyond iPhone component manufacturing; and many more.

Also available: December 2023 critical technologies news, covering semiconductors, minerals, space launch & satellite technologies.

Hit the country links below for each jurisdiction’s news index page for December 2023; each headline featured links directly to the articles, reports and commentaries behind each headline, in full.

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Australia Cyber Threats Report

Australian Signals Directorate Cyber Threat Report 2022-2023

China's data management

MERICS: China’s data management – Putting the Party in charge

India Payments Handbook 2022-2027

PwC: India Payments Handbook 2022-2027 (direct pdf link)

Malaysia's digital economy in 2023

e-Conomy Southeast Asia 2023 – Malaysia country report

Recorded Future North Korea's Cyber Strategy

Recorded Future: North Korea’s Cyber Strategy

Global E-commerce Trends

JP Morgan: Global E-commerce Trends Report

Earlier in 2023

Chinese state-affiliated hacking

MERICS: Chinese state-affiliated hacking for strategic goals

Asia’s Tech news: archives

Economy and AI

McKinsey: The economic potential of artificial intelligence

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Critical technologies in May 2024

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