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Asia's tech news: May 2021
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an ongoing snapshot of tech, startup and VC news across South & Southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand, focusing on early-stage startups and covering wider-world items for reference

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Asia’s tech news: May 2021
the headlines – 17 locations

Monthly startup news: Asia and PacificMonthly startup news collections
Current collections: May 2021

Our monthly tech, startup and VC news collections span
17 countries and jurisdictions across South and Southeast Asia,
and including Australia and New Zealand:

Australia’s startup news: May 2021

Cambodia’s tech news: May 2021

China tech news: May 2021

Hong Kong technology news: May 2021

Indian startup news: May 2021

Indonesia’s tech news: May 2021

Japan’s technology news: May 2021

South Korean technology: May 2021

Malaysian startup news: May 2021

Myanmar technology news: May 2021

New Zealand tech news: May 2021

The Philippines’ startup news: May 2021

Singapore startup news: May 2021

Sri Lanka’s tech news: May 2021

Taiwan’s tech news: May 2021

Thailand’s technology news: May 2021

Vietnam’s startup news: May 2021

Q1 2021: January, February & March
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Tech news from Asia, quarterlyOnline edition: Q1 2021
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January, February & March of 2021

Current quarterly print edition:
First quarter 2021: January, February and March 2021
Asia's tech news: First quarter 2021, hardcopy

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