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“…an ongoing snapshot of tech, startup and VC news from across South & Southeast Asia and the wider Indo-Pacific, focusing on early-stage startups, and wider-world items for reference…”

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Asia’s tech news: March 2022

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Current collections: Asian tech news in March 2022

Our monthly news summaries span countries and jurisdictions across South & Southeast Asia, and Australia & New Zealand.
Included are wider-world tech news items which affect the region:

Australian tech news: March 2022

China’s tech news: March 2022

Hong Kong technology news: March 2022

India’s tech startup news in March 2022

Indonesian tech news: March 2022

Japan’s tech news: March 2022

South Korean tech news: March 2022

Malaysia’s startup news: March 2022

New Zealand tech news: March 2022

The Philippines: Tech news in March 2022

Singapore’s technology news in March 2022

Taiwan’s tech news headlines: March 2022

Vietnam’s tech news in March 2022

Cambodian tech news: March 2022

Sri Lanka’s technology news: March 2022

Thailand’s tech news: March 2022


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