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Indo-Pacific tech news, August 2023
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Asia’s tech news

“…snapshots of tech, startup and funding news from across South and SE Asia, and the broad Indo-Pacific region, with wider-world tech news for reference…”

The Asia tech news round-ups for August 2023 deliver an overview of each jurisdiction’s tech, startup and funding news in the month past, focusing on all things technology in, and affecting, South & Southeast Asia and the broad Indo-Pacific region.

Tech developments across Asia and the Indo-Pacific included, for instance: Growth in the SEA-focused Regional Payment Connectivity initiative; China’s increasing interest in RISC-V chips, seen as a workaround to avoid foreign-made semiconductors; India’s launch of the BRICS Startup Forum; Australia’s hosting of the Indo-Pacific Space & Earth Conference, set for October; Seoul’s recent launch of the Semiconductor Fabless Alliance; and many more.

We’ve also included a brief summary of August 2023’s global semiconductor industry news, given this Taiwan-focused technology’s importance to the world outside the Indo-Pacific.

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