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readers seeking headline knowledge
rather than in-depth analysis;

observers who need an overview
rather than drill-down detail; and

commentators who want at-a-glance,
rather than deep industry, expertise.

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Asia's startup news, monthly
Monthly Asia-focused startup news

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Quarterly startup news from Asia
Quarterly tech news summaries

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Asia's startup news, monthly

startup news, Monthly:
December 2019

December 2019’s tech news from across Asia >

Summaries are gathered at month-end, hence the difference between today’s date and the monthly collection date.

Monthly news archives

News in 2019   •   News in 2018   •   News in 2017   •   News in 2016

startup news, Quarterly

Quarterly startup news from Asiain printed hardcopy,

Startup news, quarterlyand in online quarterly collections.

= Online, Quarterly=
– q4 2019 –

The online quarterly summary covers items from
October, November and December of 2019,
across South/Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Q4 2019: Startup News from across Asia
October, November & December 2019

= In print, Quarterly =
–  4th quarter 2019 –

Q4 2019: Startup News Asia
4th Quarter 2019 Startup News Asia in hardcopy >

Asia Undercovered by journalist Nithin Coca

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