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October 2022: Asia's tech news
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Asia’s tech news

“…snapshots of tech, startup and funding news from across South/Southeast Asia and the broad Indo-Pacific, with wider-world tech news for reference…”

October 2022: We’re currently working on significant changes to the Startup News Asia suite of products, channels and platforms. While we work on this, we’ve revised the site to provide quick links to the various delivery channels we’ve developed.

Links here are provided to outline the length, breadth and depth of the overall project, and as a showcase of skills, coordination and production abilities across multiple, competing timelines.

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China: Fintech, Cryptocurrencies & CBDC China: Fintech, Cryptocurrencies & CBDC

October 2022:
Asia’s tech news headlines

Australian tech news: October 2022

Cambodia’s tech news: October 2022

China’s technology news: October 2022

Hong Kong tech: October 2022

India’s tech news: October 2022

Indonesian tech: October 2022

Japan’s tech news: October 2022

Korean technology news: October 2022

Malaysian tech news: October 2022

Philippines tech news: October 2022

Singapore tech news: October 2022

Taiwan’s tech news in October 2022

Thailand’s tech news: October 2022

Vietnamese tech news: October 2022


Less active tech news locations: October 2022

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HSBC: The 10x Potential Of Tokenization HSBC: The 10x Potential Of Tokenization

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Taiwan: Taipei Blockchain Week 2022

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