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IndoPacific tech, January 2024
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“…snapshots of tech, startup and funding news from across South and SE Asia, and the broad Indo-Pacific region, with wider-world tech news for reference…”

Technology news from across Asia and the broad Indo-Pacific region in January 2024 of course covered a huge range of issues and challenges, fields and industries, technologies and implementations.

In January of 2024, coverage looked at:
trans-Pacific undersea cables connecting Australia to South America and beyond; India’s National Quantum Mission and its goals; satellites launched by China’s Geely electric vehicles maker; Singapore’s Green Computing Funding Initiative; the launch of the first of Taiwanese firm TSMC’s semiconductor facilities in Japan; and many more.
January 2024 tech news in full >

Given the importance of technology and components to global supply chains, we’ve also gathered a summary of coverage of critical technologies in January 2024.

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Asia & Indo-Pacific Technologies
January 2024

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