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Critical technologies

what are Critical technologies?

Technologies considered critical are generally either of critical importance for a country today, or seen as likely to become of critical importance within 10 years.

January 2024 round-up of recent critical technologies news >

When looking at these technologies, there are obviously accompanying considerations:

  • The economic importance of a technology as in, for instance, supply chain management and the impacts arising from disruption of a technology’s economic relevance;
  • Financial importance of a technology, whether in transmission or storage of financial information; and
  • Increasingly, the digital security component of a technology.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute Critical Technology Tracker provides a working, regularly updated list of emerging critical technologies, and deep-dives into which country/ies dominate in each technology, and the risks surrounding that domination for those nations that rely heavily on external supply chains for delivery and maintenance of those techs.

Critical technology tracker

Australian Strategic Policy Institute: Critical Technology Tracker

Critical technologies: Monthly
January 2024 round-up

Coverage of critical technologies in January 2024, linked below, is drawn not only from across Asia and the broad Indo-Pacific, but also from wider, global developments in critical and essential technologies.

Items gathered include coverage of, for instance:
What happens to lithium-ion batteries at the end of their productive lives; defense satellites for use in tracking hypersonic missiles; moves being made into sodium-ion batteries as a lithium-ion battery alternative for electric vehicles; the risk of AI large language models being unable – and unwilling – to ‘fix’ incorrect, or deliberately ‘broken’, decision-making processes; global news in quantum technologies, including a Russia-China partnership; and many more.

January 2024 critical technology news in full >

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Critical tech: Monthly Archives

Coverage of critical tech in multiple sectors, globally, is collected in our smaller, monthly round-ups.

Links below lead to monthly critical tech news summaries from H2 2023 to today, and gather globally significant developments in key technology sectors – articles, reports, downloads and commentary.

WEF Quantum Economy Blueprint

WEF Quantum Economy Blueprint – January 2024

Critical technologies, quarterly

In the first instance, it may be most useful to read news coverage of critical technologies in a quarterly format, to properly gain a grasp of the volume, and breadth, of these globally-important techs:

NBR: China's Emerging Capabilities

NBR: China’s Emerging Capabilities – cyber, space & autonomous systems

Critical technologies in December 2023

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