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Indo-Pacific tech news, August 2023
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2023 quarterly index

Asia’s tech news
quarterly in 2023

Asia’s technology spaces are evolving and iterating at a phenomenal rate across areas, technologies, implementations, challenges and more.  This rate of change can make it difficult to maintain an overview of a given location’s developments over time. Asia and the Indo-Pacific are obviously also at the heart of supply chain considerations for the infrastructure that allows much of the world’s technologies to operate.

With our quarterly Asia tech news summaries, we aim to provide an at-a-glance grasp of Indo-Pacific technology developments by jurisdiction, giving a quickly-understood overview of a given jurisdiction’s stage of development and activity levels, but at a larger scale than our regular daily news updates.  Across a given quarter, this provides a snapshot that can highlight the rate of change: to illustrate, think of Taiwan’s semiconductor space, and the rapid move towards overseas semiconductor facilities by Taiwan’s major semicon firms as a risk-management step.

Hit the links below to read that location’s quarterly tech news update in full, or hit the individual monthly links for each jurisdiction.

Our other editions include daily, weekly, monthly and mobile.

Undersea cable risks

Subsea Communications Cables and Responsible State Behaviour

technology news: Asia

NBR China's Digital Ambitions

National Bureau of Asian Research: China’s Digital Ambitions

ASPI - Australia's north and space

Australian Strategic Policy Institute: Australia’s north and space

Digital Penang Masterplan

Digital Penang: Digital Transformation Masterplan 2021-2023

Indo-Pacific Semiconductor Supply Chains

CSIS: Indo-Pacific Semiconductor Supply Chains

Asia Pacific Security Outlook 2023

Committee for Security Cooperation, Asia Pacific: Security Outlook 2023

Asia tech Daily & Weekly

Our other news editions go out on a range of platforms and channels, and across a range of timeframes, highlighting key tech news from across Asia and the Indo-Pacific, and showcasing the region’s startups and technology developments:

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IMF: Towards Central Bank Digital Currencies in Asia and the Pacific

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