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Indo-Pacific Studies Center

Exploring the dynamics of the Indo-Pacific region, the Indo-Pacific Studies Center is a dedicated think tank providing in-depth analysis, fostering dialogue, and promoting cooperation.

The IPSC mission is to conduct high-level analysis that results in policy solutions and innovation at local, regional and global levels to address the needs, development and progress of communities and vulnerable populations in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Indo-Pacific Studies Center is an independent not-for profit public policy research organisation located in the Indo-Pacific region, with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

Indo-Pacific Studies Center Policy Briefs

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The Indo-Pacific region

The Indo-Pacific region is home to over half of the global population, and hosts seven of the largest militaries.

It stretches from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific west coast of the United States and produces near 2/3 of global GDP.

It is a strategic environment featuring the presences of three ‘Great Powers’ – China, India and the United States – and is at the same time home to some of the worlds least-developed nations.

Framing of the Indo-Pacific

From ‘The Origin of ‘Indo-Pacific’ as Geopolitical Construct‘ in The Diplomat:

Another essential underpinning of the Indo-Pacific idea is the growing eminence of India.

Even though the ‘Indo’ in ‘Indo-Pacific’ represents the Indian Ocean and not India, the global community expects India to play a major role, including in terms of ensuring a maritime environment that is conducive for economic growth and development.

The long-prevalent ‘Asia-Pacific’ construct was inadequate and ambiguous in terms of incorporating India in the affairs of the region.

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