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Indo-Pacific tech news, August 2023
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Asia’s tech news

August 2023 round-ups

Tech news from across Asia and the Indo-Pacific in August of 2023 for obvious reasons spanned a huge range of developments, issues, implementations and success stories.

These included, for instance: Japan’s Soramitsu‘s moves towards an Asia-wide cross-border payments system; Singapore Monetary Authority’s $112M funding for the city-state’s tech ecosystem; China’s fast-moving satellite technology moves and mega-constellation ambitions; developments in India’s drones industry, both civilian and military; Taiwan’s TSMC‘s plans for its first semiconductor plant in Europe, set for Germany; and many more.

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Indo-Pacific Semiconductor Supply Chains

CSIS: Indo-Pacific Semiconductor Supply Chains

Australia & NZ: August 2023

  • Australia: 8 startups raised a total of Au$85.6M in week 1 of August, with solutions in mining tech, cybersecurity, wellness, food waste and medical tech
  • New Zealand’s Kiki peer-to-peer subletting real estate platform gains Au$7M seed, sights on New York launch…

Australia: August 2023 >
New Zealand: August 2023 >

Tech Council Australia's Generative AI opportunity

Tech Council of Australia: Australia’s Generative AI opportunity

Cambodia: August 2023

  • Cambodia’s Tenbox, digital marketplace connecting suppliers, distributors and local producers to marts, restaurants, coffee shops, mom-and-pop stores and more…

Cambodia: August 2023 >

Space tech and Agriculture

World Economic Forum: Space Applications in Agriculture

China: August 2023

  • China: Spacemit CPU startup completes Series A backed by Lenovo, with focus on RISC-V chips, open-source architecture seen as workaround to restricted Intel and Arm chips…

China: August 2023 >

Politics of South China Sea

RAND Corp: Political Geography of the South China Sea disputes

HONG KONG: August 2023

  • Hong Kong: Xverse raised $5M with Web3 wallet supporting ordinals – digital assets inscribed on satoshis, the lowest Bitcoin denomination – and BRC-20 tokens…

Hong Kong: August 2023 >

Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023

Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 / 30 October – 5 November 2023

India: August 2023

  • Taiwan’s Foxconn India arm announces near $10BN annual earnings, accounting for over 5% of Foxconn business globally…

India: August 2023 >

Critical Minerals for India

June 2023 Report: Critical Minerals for India

Indonesia: August 2023

  • Indonesia: Central bank adds QRIS Tuntas to national payments system, enabling cash transfers, withdrawals & deposits, including users without bank accounts who rely on e-wallets…

Indonesia: August 2023 >

Tech in Asia Conference 2023

Tech in Asia Conference 2023 – October 18-19, Jakarta

Japan: August 2023

  • Japan: Interstellar startup sets sights on orbital launch in 2025, focusing on small satellite market with vehicle designed to send near one metric ton to low-Earth orbit…

Japan: August 2023 >

KPMG Venture Pulse Asia

KPMG Venture Pulse Q2 2023 Report – Asia findings

South Korea: August 2023

  • Equatorial Launch Australia and South Korea’s Innospace ink multi-launch contract for orbital launches in NE Arnhem Land…

South Korea: August 2023 >

Korea Startup Festival 2023

South Korea: ComeUp Startup Festival 2023 – November 17-19

Malaysia: August 2023

  • Malaysia: PM sets target of 5000 new startups in the country’s digital economy by 2025, with ‘single window’ initiative to streamline cooperation between industry and gov’t agencies…

Malaysia: August 2023 >

Malaysia Blockchain Roadmap

Malaysia National Blockchain Roadmap 2021-2025

The Philippines: August 2023

  • The Philippines’ Ayala conglomerate inks JV to bring Taiwan’s Gogoro into the country to provide 2-wheeled e-scooters, battery-swap tech and battery-swap stations…

Philippines: August 2023 >

China's maritime militia

CSIS: Pulling back the curtain on China’s maritime militia

Singapore: August 2023

  • Singapore: NEU Battery Materials, working on lithium extraction via environmentally-friendlier electrometallurgy, making extracted lithium available for production of new batteries…

Singapore: August 2023 >

pwc: Fintech Innovation in Singapore

pwc: Fintech Innovation in Singapore

Taiwan: August 2023

  • Taiwan: AI program to assist with drafting court rulings may begin trial in late September, using system jointly developed by the Judicial Yuan and Chunghwa Telecom
  • “An Open Alternative to Intel and ARM: What is RISC-V?”

Taiwan: August 2023 >
Semiconductor news: August 2023 >

Indo-Pacific Tech News

Indo-Pacific Tech News, September 2023 edition

Thailand: August 2023

  • Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore advance with implementation of bilateral transactions via QR codes, with payments settled in local currencies…

Thailand: August 2023 >

BIS Project Icebreaker - CBDCs

Bank of International Settlements: Project Icebreaker (CBDCs)

Vietnam: August 2023

  • Vietnam: Net Zero Challenge launches seeking early-stage climate tech projects that want to pilot solutions in Vietnam…

Vietnam: August 2023 >

Vietnam Blockchain Week 2023

Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2023 / Vietnam Blockchain Week 2023

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Indo-Pacific Space-Earth Conference

Indo-Pacific Space & Earth Conference – Western Australia – October 2023

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