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in January 2024

Technology developments in Asia and across the broad Indo-Pacific region in January 2024 for obvious reasons spanned a huge range of applications, issues, successes and challenges.

These included, for instance: gravity-based energy storage in Australia; satellites launched by China’s Geely EV maker; quantum technology partnership between Japan, South Korea and the US; Malaysia’s presence in semiconductor chip packaging; the approaching launch of Taiwan Space Agency; and many more.

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A summary of critical tech developments in January 2024.

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Indo-Pacific Security in 2030-2035

Indo-Pacific Security in 2030-2035: Links in the chain

Australia: January 2024

  • Australia: Reserve Bank, Dep’t of the Prime Minister & Cabinet, and Federal Police among 62 gov’t entities that had data stolen during 2023 Russia-linked hack of 4TB from contracted law firm
  • Australia: 4.95MW Bell Bay Solar Farm in Tasmania is now online, with 16000 solar panels targeting the generation of enough renewable electricity to power the equivalent of 1000 homes…

Australia: January 2024 >

Australian Cybersecurity

Action Plan: Australian Cybersecurity Strategy 2023-2030

Cambodia: January 2024

  • Cambodia’s Bakong CBDC ‘…processed over 35.4M transactions, totaling more than $12BN…’ with cross-border payments to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, and China payments pending via UnionPay…

Cambodia: January 2024 >

Global Cybersecurity 2024

World Economic Forum Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2024

China: January 2024

  • China: Nio EV firm livestreamed 1000km EV battery test roadtrip, with CEO completing a 14-hour journey of 1044km with 3% of the battery remaining
  • China: 4 arrested in first-of-kind case for developing ransomware using ChatGPT, demanding cryptocurrency in payment…

China: January 2024 >

China and RISC-V chips

Jamestown Foundation: Examining China’s Grand Strategy For RISC-V chips

HONG KONG: January 2024

  • China’s GBA Capital unveils plan for $10BN fund to place Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao area as the ‘world’s meta-asset capital’, looking at metaverse, VR, NFT and similar investments…

Hong Kong: January 2024 >

2024 Global Crypto Outlook

PwC: 2024 Global Crypto Outlook

India: January 2024

  • India: Micron US tech giant and NAMTECH – New Age Makers Institute of Tech education initiative – join to grow globally-competitive talent pool as part of India Semiconductor Mission
  • India: National Quantum Mission calls for proposals to establish 4 technology hubs to focus on communications, computing, metrology and sensing, and materials…

India: January 2024 >

PwC India Payments 2023-2028

PwC India Payments Handbook 2023-2028 (direct pdf link)

Indonesia: January 2024

  • Indonesia: China’s BYD electric vehicle maker to invest $1.3BN to build a manufacturing plant in Indonesia, targeting production capacity of 150,000 units…

Indonesia: January 2024 >


Google Whitepaper: Artificial Intelligence Opportunity Agenda for ASEAN

Japan: January 2024

  • Japan’s Marubeni conglomerate backs Italy’s D-Orbit space logistics firm in $100M funding round to further develop in-orbit servicing, transport and debris cleaning
  • Japan: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries-built satellite enters orbit primarily to gather national security intelligence, but with remit to also monitor the scope of major natural disasters…

Japan: January 2024 >

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 / May 15-16

South Korea: January 2024

  • South Korea: Gov’t unveils $471BN private sector investment blueprint for 13 new chip plants and 3 R&D facilities, adding to 21 existing facilities, targeting 7.7M wafers monthly by 2030…

South Korea: January 2024 >

e-Conomy Southeast Asia 2023 report

Google, Bain & Co, TEMASEK: e-Conomy Southeast Asia 2023 report

Malaysia: January 2024

  • Malaysia: Penang startup ecosystem gains recognition with Georgetown ranked 2nd behind Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, and 8th in the whole of Southeast Asia…

Malaysia: January 2024 >

Slush Malaysia 2024

Slush’D Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, March 7th 2024

New Zealand: January 2024

  • New Zealand: Daisy Lab scales up production of precision-fermented protein alternative, an animal-free powdered whey protein made using yeast cultures…

New Zealand: January 2024 >

Indo-Pacific Studies Center

IPSC: Indo-Pacific Studies Center

Philippines: January 2024

  • Philippines: Cirtek gains approval for production of 2- and 3-wheel e-motorcycles and lithium-ion batteries, marking the first production facility for the country
  • Philippines: Survey suggests 9 in 10 Filipinos now use fintech apps in daily transactions…

The Philippines: January 2024 >

AI for Business 2024

PwC 2024 Artificial Intelligence Business Predictions

Singapore: January 2024

  • Singapore: Qashier launches a plug-and-play, WiFi- and SIM-enabled, QR payments terminal capable of real-time auditory alerts, focusing on SMEs
  • A brief look at 10 Singaporean startups and 12 Singapore venture capital firms operating in the MENA region…

Singapore: January 2024 >

Singapore National AI Strategy

Singapore National AI Strategy 2.0 (NAIS)

Taiwan: January 2024

  • Taiwan’s TSMC outlined its tech roadmap for 2nm, 1.4nm, and 1nm chip processes, alongside plans to put a trillion chips on a semicon package using multiple 3D-stacked chiplets
  • Taiwan Space Agency to launch incubation center in H2 2024 to attract and develop domestic and international space industry firms, leveraging Taiwan’s manufacturing supply chains…

Taiwan: January 2024 >

Orbiting Now satellite data

Orbiting Now: Active satellite orbit data

Thailand: January 2024

  • Thailand: $14.3BN digital wallet handout program to launch by May, funded by borrowing, to meet PM’s election promise of distributing 10K baht to 50 million citizens…

Thailand: January 2024 >

Technology news, quarterly: Asia & IndoPacific

Technology news, quarterly: Asia & IndoPacific

Vietnam: January 2024

  • ‘UK & Vietnam collaboration and development opportunities for the music business, 2024-2027’, a report looking at the creator economy, tech startups, entrepreneurship and more…

Vietnam: January 2024 >

Journalism tech trends 2024

Journalism, media, and tech trends and predictions 2024

critical Technologies: January 2024

  • OpenAI CEO Altman is in talks around building a global network of AI-focused chip factories, with Abu Dhabi’s G42 and Japan’s SoftBank in early discussions
  • US Gov’t proposes US cloud firms be required to determine whether foreign entities are accessing US data centers to train AI models, widening chip restrictions to include services run on the chips themselves…

Critical technologies: January 2024 >

NATO and undersea infrastructure

CSIS: NATO’s role in protecting critical undersea infrastructure

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