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Cyber attacks in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2024

Asia’s tech news

in May 2024

Media coverage of tech developments across the broad South-East Asia & Indo-Pacific regions in May of 2024 for obvious reasons covered a wide and diverse range of technologies and applications, successes and challenges.

In May of 2024, Asia’s technology news headlines touched on, for instance: Japan-ASEAN moves to bolster their shared EV industries; Singapore’s move into cryptocurrency-based spot ETFs; China’s AI-in-a-box concept, offering in-house cloud platforms; Taiwanese satellites set for launch via SpaceX; India’s high-level risks from disinformation and misinformation; and many more.

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Critical technologies in May 2024 >

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Venture Pulse Asia Q1 2024

KPMG Venture Pulse Q1 2024 – Asia findings

Australia’s tech news: May 2024

  • Australia: Government earmarks Au$288M for national digital ID program
  • Australia: Hysata has raised $111M to scale up its more efficient method for producing hydrogen…

Australia in May 2024 >

Australian Government National Battery Strategy

Australian Government National Battery Strategy

Cambodia snapshot: May 2024

  • Cambodia: A brief overview of the recent 7th edition of Startups Technology Sharing Conference and Networking Day held at the National Incubation Center…

Cambodia in May 2024 >

Stormwall: Q1 2024 in Review - DDoS cyber attacks report

Stormwall: Q1 2024 in Review – DDoS cyber attacks report

China’s tech news: May 2024

  • China: A look at moves by China’s major tech firms into the on-premises ‘AI-in-a-box’ sector, providing all infrastructure to run private cloud services locally
  • China: AI LLM price war expands with Tencent and iFlytek cutting usage prices on large-language models, feeling heat from Alibaba and Baidu moves…

China in May 2024 >

Asia-Pacific Security in 2024

IISS: Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2024

HONG KONG tech news: May 2024

  • Hong Kong: YouTube to comply with court ruling, blocking HK access to 32 video links deemed ‘prohibited content’, the Glory to Hong Kong protest song
  • Brinc venture accelerator unveils 9 startups selected for Spring 2024 Web3 and Gaming accelerators, working on crypto accounting, e-commerce, NFTs and more…

Hong Kong in May 2024 >

WEF & Wholesale CBDCs

WEF: Modernizing Financial Markets With Central Bank Digital Currency

India’s tech news: May 2024

  • India: WEF survey of analysts finds risks to the country arising from disinformation and misinformation rank highest, above infectious disease, crime and inequality
  • India: Mindgrove Technologies semicon startup rolls out India’s first commercial high-performance system-on-chip based on RISC-V open-standard architecture…

India in May 2024 >

Digitizing Make In India Report 2024

Digitizing Make In India Report 2024

Indonesia tech news: May 2024

  • Indonesia: Microsoft to invest $1.7 billion over 4 years in cloud and AI infrastructure in Indonesia, and also delivering AI-focused skills training for 840K citizens
  • “Indonesia’s rapidly growing digital economy grew by 52 per cent in 2021 with a total of 53 billion US dollars and is projected to exceed 124 billion by the end of 2025.”

Indonesia in May 2024 >

Indonesia energy transition

‘Indonesia unveils roadmap for US$20 billion national energy transition’

Japan’s tech news: May 2024

  • Japan and ASEAN to create joint strategy on auto production and sales in bid to address China’s fast-growing presence in the region’s electric vehicles market
  • An overview of the issues surrounding the Line messaging app data leak, given its 50-50 ownership by Japanese and South Korean firms…

Japan in May 2024 >

Japan Startup Ecosystem in June 2024

METI: The Japan Startup Ecosystem in June 2024 (direct pdf link)

South Korean tech: May 2024

  • Seoul Metro Gov’t and Dubai Future Foundation ink collaboration agreements, looking at mutual tech and startup exchange benefits
  • China’s Alibaba to invest $1.1BN in South Korea with $200M for logistics centre, $100M for SME onboarding – and $75M to address antitrust concerns…

South Korea in May 2024 >

LG Battery Challenge 2024

LG Energy Solution: LG Battery Challenge 2024

Malaysian tech news: May 2024

  • Malaysia: Microsoft adds to Indonesia and Thailand commitments with $2.2BN investment in Malaysian AI infrastructure and training for 200K Malaysians
  • Malaysia: A bit more on Blue Chip Capital’s semiconductor industry investment plans, aiming to fund at least 10 startups through $210M fund…

Malaysia in May 2024 >

MYStartup Malaysia

MYStartup – Single Window to Malaysia’s Startup Ecosystem

New Zealand snapshot: May 2024

  • New Zealand: AgriZeroNZ to invest $9.9M in US agri-biotech startup ArkeaBio work towards a ‘methane vaccine’, in bid to reduce global emissions…

New Zealand in May 2024 >

The Rugby DAO

The Rugby DAO – immersive fan experiences & Web3 gaming

Philippines snapshot: May 2024

  • PLDT, Philippines’ largest telecoms group, now in talks to sell up to 49% of data centre business to Japan’s Nippon Telegraph & Telephone in $750M deal…

The Philippines in May 2024 >

Digital Rights Asia-Pacific Conference

2024 Digital Rights Asia-Pacific Conference – August in Taipei

Singapore’s tech news: May 2024

  • Vertex Ventures Japan launches inaugural Vertex Ventures Japan Fund I, anchored by Vertex Holdings, venture capital arm of Singapore’s Temasek state fund…

Singapore in May 2024 >

Singapore's subsea cables

Enhancing the security of Singapore’s submarine cables

Taiwan’s tech news: May 2024

  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to commence production of 1.6-nanometer chips by 2026
  • An overview of Taiwan’s moves to establish a satellite network of 700 hot spots for communications in emergency situations…

Taiwan in May 2024 >

Semiconductor supply chains

BCG & SIA: Emerging resilience in the semiconductor supply chain

Thailand snapshot: May 2024

  • Everex payments firm reportedly presented at ASEAN central bank governor and finance meeting, demonstrating blockchain-based payments between Thailand and Myanmar
  • Tokyo Metro Gov’t inks MOU with Startup Island TAIWAN and Thailand’s Nat’l Innovation Agency during SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024, aiming to boost startup ecosystem collaborations…

Thailand in May 2024 >

Techsauce Summit 2024, Thailand

Techsauce Summit 2024 – August in Thailand

Vietnam tech snapshot: May 2024

  • Samsung to boost annual Vietnam investments to $1BN to increase the number of Vietnamese firms in the Samsung Electronics supply chain
  • Vietnam’s VNG becomes NVIDIA cloud services partner, with Thailand data hub implementations and $200M AI-focused factory in the pipeline…

Vietnam in May 2024 >

Critical technology in May 2024

Critical technologies, globally, in May 2024

critical Technologies: May 2024

  • The Exploration Company, a French-German firm, looks to develop Europe’s first reusable space capsule to deliver cargo to space stations, delivering payloads up to 4000kg
  • Xona Space Systems preps Pulsar low-orbit satellite constellation as commercial GPS alternative, potentially costing less to operate whilst delivering sharper geolocation data…

Critical technologies, globally, in May 2024 >

Critical technologies in May 2024

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