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= in 2018 =

4th quarter 2018
– read it online
Tech and startup news from across Asia and Oceania
in October, November and December 2018
In print: Q4 2018 tech news across Asia

3rd quarter 2018
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Asia’s startup news
from July, August & September 2018
In print: Q3 2018 tech news in Asia

2nd quarter 2018
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Tech startup news
from April, May & June 2018
In print: Q2 2018 Asia-Pacific startup news

1st quarter 2018
– read it online

Asia-Pacific startup news
from January, February & March 2018
In print: Q1 2018 tech news across Asia

= in 2017 =

Read online:
4th quarter 2017

October, November & December 2017
In print: Q4 2017 Asia-Pacific startup news

Read online:
3rd quarter 2017

July, August & September 2017
In print: Q3 2017 Asia-Pacific tech news

Read online:
2nd quarter 2017

April, May & June 2017
In print: Q2 2017’s tech startup news

Read online:
1st quarter 2017

January, February & March 2017
In print: Q1 2017’s Startup News Asia

= In 2016 =

Read online:
4th quarter 2016

October, November & December 2016
In print: Q4 2016 tech startup news, Asia

Read online:
Third quarter 2016

July, August & September 2016
In print: Q3 2016 startup news in Asia
Q3 sub-editions in print:
Australia & New Zealand, Q3 2016
China, Hong Kong & India, Q3 2016

Read online:
Second quarter 2016

April, May & June 2016
In print: Q2 2016 Asia-Pac tech news

Read online:
First quarter 2016

January, February & March 2016 startup news

Quarterly in print

The quarterly Startup News Asia summaries are each available in hardcopy print, and can be ordered direct-on-demand from HP’s MagCloud service.

Each publication averages 90 pages of direct-to-source offline-to-online news, categorised by country, and spans South and Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

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