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Q1 2021

January, February & March 2021
Asia’s tech news: Q1 2021

The Q1 2021 startup news collections here pull together Asia’s tech, startup and venture capital news headlines from the first 3 months of 2021 – January, February & March – drawn from 17 locations in South and Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Startup News Asia’ Q1 2021 collections, hyperlinked below, outline the headline changes in each location’s technology and startup scenes, showcasing items across a wide variety of fields and technologies – Asia’s blockchain, fintech, artificial intelligence and digital currency developments, for example.

The Asian tech news listed on each index page below present the technology headlines in a quick-reference format, providing Startup News Asia’s readers with, first, a quick-glance knowledge of a location’s startup-related news and, secondly, 1-click access to each online article behind the headlines, online and free to read in full.

Microsoft: Hybrid Work - Are We Ready?

Shopify 2021 Future of E-Commerce Report (pdf)

Nation States, Cybers Security and the Web of Profit (pdf)

Digital Life in Southeast Asia / Deloitte

Vietnam - Gimo, early-wage access for the underbanked

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