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The feed below is pulled from Startup News Asia’s feed on Twitter, the platform we initially built the entire project feed for.  Whilst our other social feeds serve to widen our delivery of Asia’s tech news, Twitter’s short-form, at-a-glance focus fits best with the time-poor entrepreneur: under pressure, and hustling.

Our Twitter feed, like our Facebook feed and LinkedIn feed, features all the news items that are posted out as-they-happen via the Startup News Asia mobile app.


- 35 minutes ago

India: IEM Labs launches education-focused plagiarism checker, and 50-language capable AI-backed content generator software #india #AI #edtech #educationtech #journalism
h J R

- 3 hours ago

India: "...while the government is not banning VPNs, journalists, activists and others who use these services...will risk being exposed, even while using VPN services." #india #datasec #Infosec #privacy #technologynews
h J R

- 6 hours ago

Japan: Nomura investment bank to launch a subsidiary to give institutions access to digital assets, offering exposure to crypto, DeFi and non-fungible tokens #japan #nfts #cryptocurrency #defi #bankingtech
h J R

- 9 hours ago

ICYMI: 22 countries in Council of Europe Committee of Ministers sign new Protocol to Cybercrime Convention, boosting cooperation and disclosure of electronic evidence #cybersec #cybercrime #datasec #govtech #technology
h J R

- 12 hours ago

"Easy money is over and the VC world needs to adapt...The firehose of money that has been pointed at these companies is going to be 70-80% smaller..." #startups #venturecapital #vcnews #vc #startupfinance
h J R
Asia’s Tech news daily on Twitter

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