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SharePass, an Australia-based cybersecurity company supported by the NVIDIA Inception program, has entered the US and Australian markets

SharePass is a cybersecurity startup that leverages the latest advances in artificial intelligence, privacy, and cryptography to give data ownership and control back to users.

With SharePass, users can confidently share sensitive information without compromising privacy or security.

SharePass converts your data into an encrypted link that can be easily shared in an email, added to a document, or even uploaded in a form. The link acts as the vault, which must be opened by anyone who wants access. It can be set to expire after a single open, restricted to an IP address or manually opened and closed as you wish.

With SharePass, your data truly is your data.

You retain perpetual control and can continue to monitor or manage it for as long as you’d like.

The SharePass Mission:

“The SharePass mission is to make your online presence more secure and confidential by safeguarding your most valuable information.”

An outline of the SharePass concept from CEO, Yuri Miloslavsky:

“…a digital footprint basically means you leave pieces of confidential information on other people’s devices…”

SharePass in the press

CSO Australia:

“Sharepass first encrypts the information being shared and sends a link to the recipient. That link becomes inactive once the recipient opens it. Senders can specify email addresses, set time limits for how long the link is valid, or require a PIN code.”

Help Net Security:

“With SharePass, secure communication has never been more intuitive. Our engineers worked hand-in-hand with business users and UX experts to build a digital pipeline that gives a new meaning to ‘turnkey’. Now, both enterprise and individual users can instantly upgrade all of their communications to the highest security protocols with just the click of a button.”

Cybersecurity Insiders:

“Another interesting feature is the “password strength calculator”. When you are typing the secret that you want to send, SharePass will calculate how secure it is. Based on those results, you might consider changing your password and use a more secure one.”

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