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Cyber attacks in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2024

Critical technologies

in December 2023

Our critical technologies coverage for December 2023 spans those technologies, and their component parts, supply chains and – importantly – emerging risks and considerations affecting each.  In specific, we capture coverage of: critical minerals and rare earths; space launch, satellites and related tech; supply chain issues whether in availability or transport; and the underpinning digital concerns that are now a fundamental component of any discussion.

Critical technology news items captured in December 2023 spanned: alternatives to lithium batteries tech; semiconductor manufacturing, funding and the mitigation of related supply chain risks; quantum computing and cryptography, and related cybercrime risks; the rise of RISC-V as an advanced-microchips architecture; and many more.

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NATO and submarine cables

CSIS: NATO’s role in protecting critical undersea infrastructure

“Central bank digital currencies are the bad idea that won’t go away. There are simpler, more straightforward ways of solving the problems that CBDCs are deemed to address…”

Quantum technology’s future impacts, today:
“…a global effort to plunder data is underway so that intercepted messages can be decoded after Q-day in what he described as ‘harvest now, decrypt later‘ attacks…”

Innocuous gadgets, data & privacy:
“Robot vacuum companies say your images are safe, but a sprawling global supply chain for data from our devices creates risk.”

EY 2024 Geostrategic Outlook

EY 2024 Geostrategic Outlook – Thrive in ongoing geopolitical complexity

Semiconductors - Europe and Indo-Pacific

Semiconductors in Europe & Indo-Pacific Economies: Supply Chain Risks

Chinese state hacking

MERICS: ‘Here to stay’, China’s state-affiliated hacking for strategic goals

Quantum technologies:
“Toshiba is a global leader in the field. It has successfully sent and received quantum encrypted data transmitted 600 kilometers between Tokyo and Osaka…”

Australia quantum conference 2024

Quantum Australia 2024 Conference & Careers Fair – February 20-22

Examining China’s Grand Strategy For RISC-V

Jamestown Foundation: Examining China’s Grand Strategy For RISC-V

“For China, one way around technology transfer restrictions is advanced packaging, because so far it’s a safe space that everyone invests in…”

“…10900 chip-related companies have lost their registration in 2023… That means an average of 30 Chinese chip-related companies closed their doors each day in 2023.”

“India is looking at semiconductor packaging
as a low-hanging fruit to capture a share
of the global semiconductor supply chain
ATMP and OSAT are good starting points…”

PRC United Front Targets EU Semiconductors

Europe in the Crosshairs: PRC United Front Targets Semiconductor Sector

authoritarian AI

ASPI: Derisking authoritarian artificial intelligence

“The 12,000-sat G60 Starlink project,
along with the 13,000-sat Guo Wang
national network which is currently
under construction, is widely seen as
China’s answer to Elon Musk’s Starlink

India's technology hubs

Deloitte & NASSCOM: Emerging technology hubs of India

State Cyber-Espionage

ASPI: State-sponsored economic cyber-espionage for commercial purposes

Indo-Pacific Tech news: Daily

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