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Taiwan: July 2023

Taiwan’s tech news headlines summary for July of 2023 spanned items, issues and developments including: Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing in India; the many diversification moves that Taiwan’s TSMC and Foxconn are making in semiconductor manufacturing inside and beyond the country; and more.

We’ve also provided a round-up of wider-world semiconductor news in July 2023, looking at issues around sanctions in chip supply, China’s moves to create a domestic semicon and chip industry, Japan’s partnership with the UAE on semiconductor manufacturing, and more.

Hit the links below to read each Taiwan tech news article in full.

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Emerging Tech Supply Chains

CSET: Mapping emerging technologies and their supply chains

China's maritime militia

CSIS: Pulling back the curtain on China’s maritime militia

Taipei Blockchain Week 2023

Taipei Blockchain Week 2023 – December 11-16

US, Taiwan and Semiconductor Supply Chain

United States, Taiwan & Semiconductors: Critical Supply Chain Partnership

Semiconductor news in July 2023

SemiCon Taiwan Conference - September 2023

SemiCon Taiwan Conference – September 2023

“Foreign equipment is increasingly hard to come by so local chipmakers…buy more units of less-productive local offerings… Efficiency and profits take a hit but…statisticians log a rise in industrial production…”

Indo-Pacific semiconductor supply chains

Mapping semiconductor supply chains – importance of the Indo-Pacific

Undersea Cables Risks

The Escalating Global Risk Environment for Submarine Cables


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