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Q3 2023: Semiconductor news

July, August & September 2023

Headlines here cover tech news from the third quarter of 2023, focusing on semiconductors, and touching on wider critical minerals issues.  Items covered include, for instance: Japan’s many moves towards building a domestic semiconductors industry; Singapore’s moves towards a home-grown semicon manufacturing base; India’s various steps towards semiconductor self-reliance; and more.

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Hit the links below for each month’s semiconductor and critical minerals news headlines, or scroll down for an all-in-one update on deep technology news from Q3 of 2023:

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September 2023  |  August 2023  |  July 2023

Australia semiconductor manufacturing

Australia’s semiconductor manufacturing moonshot: securing talent

Semiconductors: September 2023

Japan and semiconductors

CSIS: Japan seeks to revitalize its semiconductor industry

“In January, Ma’aden and KAUST Innovation Ventures Fund announced plans to invest $4 million and $2 million, respectively, into Lihytech.”

Lihytech has patented a membrane-based lithium extraction technology developed by Professor Zhiping Lai at KAUST.”

Indo-Pacific Semiconductor Supply Chains

CSIS: Securing Semiconductor Supply Chains in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity

“If Huawei is constructing facilities under names of other companies, as the Semiconductor Industry Association alleges, then it may be able to circumvent US government restrictions to indirectly purchase American chip-making equipment, according to Bloomberg.”

“The Chinese tech firm moved into chip production last year and was receiving an estimated $30bn (£23.7bn) in state funding from the government, the Washington-based Semiconductor Industry Association was quoted as saying by Bloomberg, adding that Huawei had acquired at least two existing plants and was building three others.”

“The US commerce department had added Huawei to its export control list in 2019 over security concerns. The company denies being a security risk.”

PRC United Front Targeting Semiconductor Sector

Europe in the Crosshairs: PRC United Front Targets Semiconductor Sector

“As per the agreement, if Korean companies invest in Australian minerals such as lithium and nickel used in batteries, both Korea Eximbank and EFA have agreed to provide joint financial support.”

“The two organizations also decided to intensify cooperation on projects such as hydrogen, renewable energy, and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) initiatives, and infrastructure projects in India and the Pacific.”

India's Critical Minerals: Fact Sheets

Assessing the Criticality of Minerals for India: Fact Sheets

AUKUS and critical minerals

Australian Strategic Policy Institute: AUKUS and critical minerals

“Through the latest fundraising, Kneron said it will continue to speed up its pace in the deployment of advanced AI, focusing on nano Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) solutions for automotive, in particular.”

“According to Kneron, the American start-up provides end-to-end integrated hardware and software solutions that enable on-device edge AI inferencing with launching the first edge AI chip supporting transformer neural networks, which underpins all GPT models, in 2021.”

Southeast Asia digital economy report

e-Conomy Southeast Asia 2023 report

Semiconductors: August 2023

“While US rules…slowed down China’s development of advanced chipmaking…they left largely untouched the country’s ability to use techniques older than 14-nm. That has led Chinese firms to construct new plants faster than anywhere else in the world.”

“Baidu, ByteDance, Tencent & Alibaba have made orders worth $1BN to acquire about 100K A800 processors from [NVIDIA] to be delivered this year… further $4BN worth…to be delivered in 2024…”

‘The European Commission will analyse the US ban on new US investment in China in sensitive technologies as the issue is also important to [EU] economic security…’

“The EU and Member States also have a common interest in preventing that our companies’ capital, expertise and knowledge fuel technological advances that enhance military and intelligence capabilities of actors who may use them to undermine international peace and security,” the spokesperson said.

Indo-Pacific Tech News

Indo-Pacific Tech News, September 2023 edition

Semiconductors in July 2023

SemiCon Taiwan Conference - September 2023

SemiCon Taiwan Conference – September 2023

“Foreign equipment is increasingly hard to come by so local chipmakers…buy more units of less-productive local offerings… Efficiency and profits take a hit but…statisticians log a rise in industrial production…”

Indo-Pacific semiconductor supply chains

Mapping semiconductor supply chains – importance of the Indo-Pacific

Undersea Cables Risks

The Escalating Global Risk Environment for Submarine Cables

Indo-Pacific TECH news

All-day tech news updates from across the broad – and increasingly strategically and technologically important – Indo-Pacific region, and across South and Southeast Asia:

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WEF - Space Applications in Agriculture

World Economic Forum: Space Applications in Agriculture

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