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Cyber attacks in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2024

Critical technologies: January 2024

Our critical technologies collection for January 2024 is based on an admittedly-wide range of technologies, issues, concerns and implications, whether in artificial intelligence, semiconductors, rare earth minerals, or in the supply chains and the geopolitical risks that affect them.

January 2024‘s collection is drawn not just from across Asia and the Indo-Pacific, but also from wider, global coverage of critical and essential technologies. Items include, for instance: what happens to lithium-ion batteries at the end of their productive lives; defense satellites for tracking hypersonic missiles; moves being made into sodium-ion batteries as a lithium-on alternative for EVs; the risk of LLMs being unable to ‘fix’ incorrect, or deliberately ‘broken’, decision-making processes; global news in quantum technologies, including a Russia-China partnership; and many more.

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Critical technologies, quarterly across Q4 2023

Active satellite orbit data

Orbiting Now / Active satellite orbit data

“Millions of electric car batteries
will retire in the next decade…
By one estimate, more than 12M tons
of lithium-ion batteries are expected
to retire between now and 2030″

WEF Quantum Blueprint

World Economic Forum Quantum Economy Blueprint – January 2024

Global Cybersecurity 2024

World Economic Forum Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2024

Solid-state batteries:
“…’extremely challenging’ to mass-produce
solid-state batteries to the same quality
as current lithium-ion batteries,
but if achieved, the tech
will be ‘globally unbeatable‘”

India and space technologies

Deloitte, NASSCOM, ISA: Opportunities for Indian downstream spacetech

India in space

Deloitte: NewSpace, India’s space perspective

“According to the International Energy Agency, demand for rare earth elements is expected to reach 3 to 7 times current levels by 2040; demand for other critical minerals such as lithium may multiply 40-fold.”

AI in Business Predictions

PwC 2024 Artificial Intelligence for Business Predictions

Russian senator:
“… the Central Bank is ‘turning a blind eye’ to firms that use crypto as a payment tool in international trade” with traders using crypto assets alongside currencies such as Emirati dirham and Chinese yuan

Singapore National AI Strategy

Singapore National AI Strategy 2.0 (NAIS)

China and RISC-V chips

Jamestown Foundation: Examining China’s Grand Strategy For RISC-V

EY 2024 Geostrategic Outlook

EY Parthenon: 2024 Geostrategic Outlook – ongoing geopolitical complexity

NATO and undersea cables

CSIS: NATO’s role in protecting critical undersea infrastructure

Microsoft Future Of Work Report 2023

Microsoft: New Future Of Work Report 2023

pwc Digital Trust Insights 2024

PwC: Findings from the 2024 Digital Trust Insights Survey

China's cyber ranges

CSET: Downrange – a survey of China’s cyber ranges

China data control

MERICS: China’s data management – Putting the Party-state in charge

“With estimates showing the EU’s mining industry
is 15 years behind Beijing and a staggering
98% of Europe’s rare earth metals are imported
from China, there is a lot of ground
for the EU to make up.”

“Huawei’s HiSilicon Kirin 9006C system-on-chip in the Qingyun L540 laptop was made by TSMC using its 5nm-class process technology and assembled around the third quarter of 2020…”

China’s pursuit of processing power:
“…one of the factories told the source that he had been responsible for disassembling more than 4000 NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards in December alone.”


Google Whitepaper: ‘Artificial Intelligence Opportunity Agenda for ASEAN’

SharePass digital communications security

SharePass: Confidential info sharing & digital footprint management

Orbiting Now satellite data

Orbiting Now / Satellite orbit data

Indo-Pacific Tech news: Daily

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WEF Quantum Economy Blueprint

World Economic Forum Quantum Economy Blueprint – January 2024

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South Korea’s semicon mega-development,
India-Argentina lithium mining,
Singtel adds Starlink for maritime use,
India’s quantum technology moves,
Huawei adds Changan and JD for OS growth,
Google backs Pacific Connect undersea cable…
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