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Cyber attacks in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2024

May 2024: India

India’s technology news headlines in May of 2024

Tech news from India in May of 2024 touched on items and developments including: Indian semiconductor substrate substitutes; the country’s recent space achievements, and future ambitions; India’s moves in RISC-V architectures for semicon chips; Amazon’s Propel accelerator in India; and more.

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KPMG Venture Pulse Q1 2024

KPMG Venture Pulse Q1 2024

  • India: NoPo Nanotechnologies boosts production of advanced material that can replace silicon in semiconductors and batteries, with samples supplied to chipmakers in Japan and Taiwan / read it here
  • India’s AI-led data centre growth set to fuel ‘demand for 10 million square feet of real estate space, attracting investments of $5.7 billion’ / read it here


Video: ‘US–India relations and the Indo-Pacific’, a discussion from Chatham House / view it here

  • India: Gov’t establishes inter-ministerial committee of law and intelligence agencies to tackle increase in SEA transnational cybercrime affecting Indian citizens / read it here
  • “India’s elections are a glimpse of the AI-driven future of democracy. Politicians are using audio and video deepfakes of themselves to reach voters…” / read it here
WEF Global Risks Report 2024

World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2024

  • The 2024 India Space Congress is set for June 26-28, organised by Satcom Industry Association India / read it here
  • India’s Compute Conundrum: “…given the problem of scarcity, there is a need for deeper analysis on how India’s compute capacity should be enhanced and whether it is the right goal to pursue.” / read it here
  • India: Agnikul Cosmos now to launch its 3D-printed, semi-cryogenic Agnibaan rocket in late May, early June, following canceled April launch due to tech issues / read it here
  • India: WEF survey of analysts finds risks to the country arising from disinformation and misinformation rank highest, above infectious disease, crime and inequality / read it here
Semiconductor supply chains

BCG & SIA: Emerging resilience in the semiconductor supply chain

  • India: Zoho SaaS giant to make semiconductor industry bid with planned investment of $700M in chipmaking, with eyes also on gov’t subsidies / read it here
  • India: Amazon opens season 4 of Propel accelerator program for applications, looking to prepare 50 Indian startups for global markets in 2024 / read it here
  • India: Chandrayaan-4 moon sample mission prep now underway with Indian Space Research Org’n working on plans for the follow-up to last year’s Chandrayaan-3 lunar landing / read it here
  • India: Lam Research, a US semicon major, to expand India presence for global semiconductor fabrication equipment supply chains / read it here
LG Battery Challenge 2024

LG Energy Solution: LG Battery Challenge 2024

  • India: Mindgrove Technologies semicon startup rolls out India’s first commercial high-performance system-on-chip based on RISC-V open-standard architecture / read it here
  • More on Mindgrove Technologies, RISC-V firm producing system-on-chip units for mid-level devices / read it here
  • Reserve Bank of India governor: “One of the key features of cash is that it works offline… We are working on making the CBDC transferable in the offline mode also…” / read it here
  • India: Chandrayaan-4 moon sample mission prep now underway with Indian Space Research Org’n working on plans for the follow-up to last year’s Chandrayaan-3 lunar landing / read it here
Asia-Pacific Security in 2024

IISS: Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2024

  • India’s L&T Technology Services IT services firm inks $48M deal with Europe’s Forvia auto supplier for engineering development activities focused on ‘clean mobility’ / read it here
  • India’s Digantara joins Space-MAITRI – Mission for Australia-India’s Tech, Research & Innovation – project, adding optical tech to Australia’s Space Machines for debris monitoring / read it here
  • India: Kerala’s Alibi Global inks MoU with IIT Bombay on tech transfer for Spherical Robot surveillance tech developed for defence and law enforcement use in compromised environments / read it here
  • Agri-tech startups from Singapore and India feature in 8 firms selected for 5th cohort of AgFunder GROW Impact Accelerator / read it here
Stormwall: Q1 2024 in Review - DDoS cyber attacks report

Stormwall: Q1 2024 in Review – DDoS cyber attacks report

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