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Cyber attacks in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2024

May 2024: Taiwan

Technology news from Taiwan in May 2024

Taiwan’s tech news headlines in May of 2024 captured items including: moves towards a satellite network for Taiwan; TSMC’s moves into Europe via Germany; Tesla’s moves to prepare for manufacturing outside both Taiwan and China; and, of course, semiconductor industry developments.

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Asia-Pacific Security in 2024

IISS: Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2024

  • AI+ Taipei Startup Pitch Contest 2024 applications are open until June 28th, aiming to connect Taipei’s innovators with international talents and entrepreneurs / read it here
  • Taiwan’s Ranictek showcases its 5G/6G base station chips, satellite communication chips, and medium-to-large O-RAN base stations at Viva Tech 2024 in Paris / read it here
  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to commence production of 1.6-nanometer chips by 2026 / read it here
  • Taiwan: An overview of the nation’s moves to establish a satellite network of 700 hot spots for communications in emergency situations / read it here
  • Taiwan: An intro to TiSPACE, space-tech firm in rocket manufacturing and launch services, and component production for international clients / read it here
McKinsey on the quantum advantage

McKinsey Digital: The quantum advantage

  • Taiwan: Uber to buy Taiwan unit of Delivery Hero’s Foodpanda business in $950M deal, aiming to expand Uber Eats in the wider Asia region / read it here
  • Taiwan’s TSMC to commence construction of its first Europe facility in Q4 2024, with production at Dresden in Germany expected in 2027 / read it here
  • Taiwan’s TSMC ‘does not necessarily need to use’ ASML High NA EUV machines for upcoming A16 generation of chip technology, baulking at price tag / read it here
  • IC Taiwan Grand Challenge opens for project submissions, seeking integrated circuit design innovations and chip-based applications / read it here
CCP propaganda systems

Truth & reality with Chinese characteristics: CCP propaganda systems

  • Taiwan Space Agency to launch 6 low Earth orbit satellites from 2026, the first via SpaceX, as part of government bid to boost resilience of the nation’s communications / read it here
  • Taiwan Space Agency to launch 6 low Earth orbit satellites from 2026, the first via SpaceX, as part of government bid to boost resilience of the nation’s communications / read it here

“By the end of 2024, 700 hot spots will be established across the island to allow for satellite communications during emergency situations …” / read it here

  • Taiwan: Researchers developed a method to potentially reduce a quantum computer’s size by 40%, incorporating TSMC 28nm tech for low-temperature operation / read it here
  • Taiwan: Ministry of Justice proposes amendments to anti-money laundering regulations focused on cryptocurrency firms, imposing heavy penalties for noncompliance / read it here
  • Taiwan’s Mobileheroes Global competition applications open, seeking startups worldwide focused on 5G, IoT and artificial intelligence solutions / read it here
China's digital silk road

ORF: China’s digital silk road in the Indo-Pacific

  • Inside TSMC’s Arizona expansion troubles: “Missed deadlines and tension among Taiwanese and American coworkers are plaguing the chip giant’s Phoenix expansion. / read it here
  • Tesla is reportedly requesting suppliers to begin manufacturing outside of China and Taiwan as early as 2025, citing rising geopolitical risks to supply chains / read it here
  • Tokyo Metro Gov’t inks MOU with Startup Island TAIWAN and Thailand’s Nat’l Innovation Agency during SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024, aiming to boost startup ecosystem collaborations / read it here
  • India: NoPo Nanotechnologies boosts production of advanced material that can replace silicon in semiconductors and batteries, with samples supplied to chipmakers in Japan and Taiwan / read it here
WEF Global Risks Report 2024

World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2024

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