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Cyber attacks in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2024

Philippines: April 2024

Tech news headlines from The Philippines in April 2024 looked at developments including: Stablecoin-based remittances between Australia and The Philippines; mounting cybercrime headaches for The Philippines, year on year; instant payments and micro-finance for underbanked Filipinos; cryptocurrency use in The Philippines’ pawnshops; and more.

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Connected Women Philippines - Virtual Assistants

Connected Women: Digital workforce solutions

  • Philippines: Binance, world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, faces a ban in the Philippines with financial regulator blocking access due to unlicensed activities / read it here
  • An intro to 3 of the startups taking part in Block Dojo Philippines Cohort 1, working on blockchain solutions in real estate, logistics and credentials / read it here
  • South Korea’s GLN expands QR payments to the Philippines in partnership with Asia United Bank, enabling the QRPh cross-border payment service for visitors to the Philippines / read it here
  • Philippines: Moneybees cryptocurrency exchange partners Tambunting pawnshop conglomerate to add crypto as a payments and payout option / read it here
  • Philippines: An intro to Mayani, end-to-end farmer-focused tech firm integrating access to markets, inputs and credit for small farms and fisheries / read it here
2024 Human Capital Trends

Deloitte: 2024 Global Human Capital Trends

  • Philippines: Yield Guild Games blockchain gaming firm preps to lift community awareness of Web3 tech with YGG Pilipinas Roadtrip, backed by gov’t Dep’t of Info & Comms Tech / read it here
  • Philippines: SUSI Asia Energy Transition Fund partners Alba Renewables for development, construction and operation of utility-scale renewables platform featuring solar and onshore wind projects / read it here
  • The future of work: Cashiers are Zooming in from the Philippines to take orders at a US fried chicken joint / read it here
  • Philippines: A video interview intro to Packworks, digitizing corner ‘sari-sari’ stores with solutions including online sales and digital payments / read it here
  • Philippines: A video interview intro to Packworks, digitizing corner ‘sari-sari’ stores with solutions including online sales and digital payments / view it here
Australia's Southeast Asia strategy

Invested: Australia’s Southeast Asia strategy to 2040

  • Philippines: BillEase buy-now-pay-later firm raised $11M in new funding, with key service differentiation allowing customers to build formal credit records / read it here
  • Philippines: Gov’t inks agreement with Plug&Play for development of national innovation platform to grow startups, aiming to develop 40 firms annually / read it here
  • Philippine Rice Research Institute and Int’l Rice Research Institute partner for Drones4Rice project, aiming for standardized protocols to develop productivity and sustainability / read it here
  • Philippines: Higala secures near $5M with instant payment system for thrift banks, rural banks and microfinance, a low-cost alternative to banking industry’s prohibitive switching and on-ramp fees / read it here
  • Philippines: Pomelo ‘send now, pay later’ fintech raises $35M Series A, building out Mastercard partnership with international remittances that allow a user to also build credit rating / read it here
  • Video: An interview overview of digital identity’s core importance to Web3 in the context of The Philippines, with nChain blockchain services firm co-founder / read it here
  • “Researchers…reported a nearly 325% jump in malicious cyber activity targeting the Philippines during the first months of 2024, compared to levels at the end of 2023. / read it here
  • Australia: Stables, digital wallet and payments startup, launches international remittances powered by stablecoins, focusing on Australia-Philippines transactions / read it here
China’s Digital Silk Road (DSR) in Southeast Asia

China’s Digital Silk Road (DSR) in Southeast Asia: Progress and Challenges

Tech news: Asia & Indo-Pacific

Critical technologies in May 2024

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