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Cyber attacks in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2024

Taiwan: April 2024

Technology news from, or affecting, Taiwan in April of 2024 for fairly obvious reasons spanned both successes and concerns.  These included Taiwan’s government partnership with domestic and EU telcos for satellite communications, the subsidies received by TSMC for the build-out of US-based semiconductor fabrication plants, Google’s deepening involvement in Taiwan’s hardware and manufacturing supply chains, and more, outlined below.

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Critical technologies summit 2024

ASPI: The Sydney Dialogue – critical, emerging & cyber technologies

  • Taiwan: A look back at the recent 11th Smart City Summit and Expo, touching on the use of solutions in AI, 5G, IoT and more to deliver smart infrastructure and services / read it here
  • Medical Taiwan International Medical, Health & Care Expo is set for June, this year with the themes of ‘Supply Chain Gallery, Smart Medical, and All-age Healthcare’ / read it here
  • Taiwan Semiconductor’s US unit to gain with $6.6BN subsidy for advanced production in Arizona, and up to $5BN in low-cost US gov’t loans, targeting 2nm process in 2028 / read it here

“Taiwan is also interested in stepping into the Indian semiconductor industry because the Indian government has already announced it would cover 50% of the costs of setting up semiconductor fabs.” / read it here

  • Taiwan: Ministry of Digital Affairs partners Chunghwa Telecom to use UK-HQ’s Eutelsat OneWeb for low-Earth orbit satellites in communications around disaster response / read it here
  • 2024 International SpaceTech Startup Supporting Program from Taiwan Accelerator Plus applications close May 10, seeking firms focused on Asia-Pacific markets / read it here
  • Taiwan: Foxconn institutes rotating chief executive and chairperson system, aiming to nurture successors and develop management talent / read it here
  • Taiwan Generative AI Applications Hackathon set for May 18-19 with components including AWS and Anthropic’s Claude 3 LLM, and corporations including Trend Micro and Hitachi / read it here
  • Taiwan: Google opens 2nd hardware R&D facility, deepening ties with Taiwan’s end-to-end technology supply chains / read it here
China's digital silk road in the Indo-Pacific

ORF: China’s digital silk road in the Indo-Pacific

  • Japan’s Mizuho Bank and Taiwan’s Industrial Tech Research Institute ink major agreements on information exchange, startup matching and corporate connections / read it here
  • Taiwan to establish its first overseas integrated circuit design training base in the Czech Republic, looking at September to commence operations / read it here
  • The factors underpinning Taiwan chip-maker moves into Japan, creating production bases in a strategy that dovetails with Japan’s bid for a semicon industry revival / read it here
  • India’s Tata Group conglomerate heading to Taiwan in high-level tech talent hunt, looking initially at growthe in the consumer electronics semiconductor sector / read it here
  • India: Tata Group reportedly taking majority stake in Taiwan’s Pegatron’s India operations, looking at iPhone manufacturing and facilities construction, and building on Tata’s recent Wistron deal / read it here
Critical technologies 2024

Critical technologies, quarterly: First quarter 2024 news round-up

Tech news: Asia & Indo-Pacific

Critical technologies in May 2024

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