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Publishr platform

Publishr / Wade Wright

Publishr prototype platform >
– create your own offline-to-online newsletters and publications

Demo output (beta):
Download a PDF example of Publishr print output

The Publishr QR scanner app is part of the Publishr platform
but can be used purely as a standalone QR app.
Publishr QR code scanner >

With Publishr, my immediate aims are:

  1. to find core founding and development team members;
  2. to develop first-stage customer and market sets; and
  3. to validate towards the best-suited growth program
    – in news media, or in events and conferences, for instance.

The Publishr solution

Given the early/idea stage this is at, these are obviously examples of thinking only, subject to refinement and validation:

  1. News & journalism – the Publishr method…
    1. creates a new advertising channel
    2. provides a single-advertiser channel for premium placement
    3. measures from print to online platforms
    4. maintains writer/news platform ownership of content
    5. drives traffic to online content and advertising
    6. decreases print costs due to small format
  2. Vanity publishing – e.g. Twitter, Facebook, social media:
    1. new media channel directly tied to social media content
    2. lets users expand from web-only to publications – new market
    3. platforms widen from web-only – new advertising revenue
    4. monetizing opportunities beyond web-only
    5. the above for non-social online media
      – blogs, vlogs, online stores, podcasts etc
  3. Events merchandising – conferences, concerts, sporting events…
    1. lower- cost print for merchandising and post-event
    2. measurable traffic from print to online – ROI
    3. pocket-sized format lends itself to mobility and take-with
    4. independent of event size – not volume-based printing

Download an example of the printed format >


The prototype already lets users:

  • Publish in non-English character sets
  • Make a publication using a simple template
  • Publish your own articles, your own URLs or anything online
  • Use your own mastheads, logos and self-sourced advertising

It delivers:

  • Ready-to-print pdf for your publication – you decide how many or how few to print and distribute
  • Basic analytics, as a demo, for each article – how many views

Download an example of the printed format >
An example of one template – the aim is a selection

measure from print

Each article must include a URL – for further information, to access the full article, to view the video, to visit the online shop etc.

This URL becomes a QR code, which provides the user with the number of times each article has been read.

This also creates a data analysis opportunity for Publishr itself.


If 1000 people read article 1, but only 50 read article 2, you know which subjects your readership prefers.  This lets you cater to the specific interests of your readers.


By refining based on your readers’ interests, your publication becomes more appealing to advertisers seeking that audience.

More information:

Online form >

Wade Wright on LinkedIn >

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