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AI news: Q1 2021

Artificial intelligence in the news
January, February & March 2021

The artificial intelligence headlines below each link to the AI news article, report or download associated behind them. The artificial intelligence news headlines listed were reported across January, February and March of 2021 and provide an overview primarily of Asia’s AI news headlines, but also include ‘wider world’ artificial intelligence news as additional points of reference.

The Q1 2021 artificial intelligence news round-up draws headlines from across 17 locations across South & SE Asia and Oceania, with the aim of delivering a quick reference view of developments and issues in AI. We collect artificial intelligence news for the Q1 AI news round-up with a ‘wide angle’ view, covering implementations and initiatives rather than zeroing in on developments in a single industry.

Click on any of the artificial intelligence news headlines below and you’ll go directly to the free-to-read online article behind them – no middleman service, no interstitial ads, no time wasted.

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Artificial Intelligence Report 2021, Stanford

Deloitte: Global AI Industry (pdf)

Artificial intelligence in Southeast Asia: Kearney

Artificial Intelligence in Japan (pdf)

Artificial Intelligence in the Asia Pacific (pdf)

Artificial Intelligence in banking (pdf)

Implications Of AI on India's Economy (pdf)

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