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Crypto news: March 2021

CryptoCurrency news

The March 2021 round-up of the month’s crypto news headlines, covering Asia-Pacific and beyond.

March 2021’s crypto news headlines covered items including PayPal’s moves into cryptocurrencies, Facebook’s Diem (formerly Libra), China’s digital currency, crypto trading in South Korea and, of course, NFTs – non-fungible tokens.

Startup News Asia’s monthly crypto news round-ups capture a broad overview of headlines in crypto and digital currency technologies, looking at the technologies alongside the challenges and issues around cryptocurrency adoption and associated technologies.

Asia Crypto Week 2021

2021 Global Crypto Users Index: Binance (pdf)

China's Digital Currency: Financial Data and Authoritarianism (pdf)

Asia Crypto Week 2021

China's Digital Currency: Financial Data and Authoritarianism (pdf)

March 2021’s digital currency and crypto news headlines covered items including .

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