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Cybersecurity: March 2021

Cybersec & datasec news

The March 2021 round-up of cybersecurity and infosec news headlines, covering Southeast Asia and the wider world.

March 2021’s cybersecurity news headlines covered items including facial recognition in Indian schools, security concerns around NFTs, cybersec issues in autonomous vehicles, data breaches in apps used for government communication and more.

Startup News Asia’s monthly cybersec news summaries capture a broad-ranging snapshot of headlines in cybersecurity, infosec and privacy-related technologies, looking at not just the technologies but also the failures, challenges, implementation issues and social implications of cybercrime and proposed responses to it.

Singapore: Digital Trust Insights - pwc (pdf)

Zero Trust Architecture report: PwC

Regional Guide to Cybersecurity & Data Protection SEA

Cyber Tech Asia Conference 2021

UN: Darknet Cybercrime Threats to Southeast Asia (pdf)

March 2021’s cybersecurity news headlines covered items including .

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