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Cybersecurity news: Q2 2021

Cybersecurity & DataSec news
April, May & June 2021

Startup News Asia’s Q2 cyberscurity news summary gathers links to individual cybersec, datasec and related news articles, reports or downloads, each one online and free to read. Headlines featured cover a wide angle view of the field – cybersecurity, ransomware, privacy, data security – and were reported across April, May and June of 2021.

Taking this wide angle view allows us to provide an overview of cybersecurity news, focusing where possible on the Asia-Pacific, but also looking at ‘outside world’ cybersecurity issues and developments, giving readers points of reference and – importantly – a wider context within which to frame ‘local’ cybersec issues.

Startup News Asia’s Q2 2021 cybersec news round-up pulls headlines from 17 locations across South & SE Asia, Australia and NZ, and provides a quick, at-a-glance overview of developments in data security and its many related technologies.

Note: Headline items featured in this Q2 cybersec news round-up deliberately look at implementations and initiatives rather than looking at developments in a single industry.

The quarterly cybersecurity news headlines below are each linked directly to the online items behind them – no middleman, no interstitials, no wasted time, and free to read.

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2021 Wild Digital Conferences: Indonesia & South East Asia

Cybersecurity in June 2021

Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific (pdf)

ASEAN Cyber Threat Assessment 2021 (pdf)

NATO: Russia's Strategy in Cyberspace (pdf)

Q1 2021: Cybersecurity Threatscape

UN: Darknet Cybercrime Threats to Southeast Asia (pdf)

Japan's Cybersecurity Strategy (pdf)

Cryptocurrency Crime and Anti Money Laundering Report (pdf)

Cybersec news in May 2021

The Future Of Cybersecurity In Asia Pacific and Japan (pdf)

Japan's Cybersecurity Strategy (pdf)

Deloitte: Asia Pacific Privacy Guide 2020-2021 (pdf)

New Zealand: Use of civilian channels for military purposes

Cybersec & Datasec: April 2021

Regional Guide to Cybersecurity & Data Protection SEA

Nation states, cyberconflict and the web of profit (pdf)

ASEAN Cybersecurity Threat Assessment 2021 (pdf)


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