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Cybersec news: August 2021

A round-up of August 2021’s cybersecurity and datasec headlines, reports and downloads

August 2021 in the cybersecurity and datasec space saw headlines across a range of subject areas including: the rise in ransomware attacks and the number of companies paying; cybersec funding for low-and-middle-income countries; Google’s new security policies for Android apps; the quantum computing threat to privacy and secure communications; and many more.

IronNet: 2021 Cybersecurity Impact Report (pdf)

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The changing shape of ransomware: KPMG (pdf)

ASEAN Cybersecurity Threat Assessment 2021 (pdf)

Nation States, Cybers Security and the Web of Profit (pdf)

Future of Cybersecurity in Asia-Pacific and Japan (pdf)

Accenture: 2021 Cyber Threat Intelligence Report (pdf)

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