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Startup Disruptor Arena: WD Indonesia 2021

Asia tech e-Newsletter: Recent editions

e-news issue 54: Asia’s tech news

In issue 54:

  • China to limit the amount of time online gaming available to minors to just 3 hours most weeks
  • Standard Chartered, Hong Kong‘s Linklogis partner for Olea, blockchain platform for supply chain financing
  • India: Maharashtra planning new VC fund to encourage startups, looking to fund 24 rising companies
  • Philippines: Intellectual Property Office launches IPHatch Competition, incubation program
  • Vietnam: Vietcetera gains $2.7M pre-Series A with digital medial network focused on millennials and Gen Z
  • Wild Digital Indonesia: 8-9 September 2021 / 40% off with codes SNASIAGA & SNASIAP
  • ScaleUp Malaysia Accelerator Cohort 3 applications close September 2nd
  • Sri Lanka: SLASSCOM launches Startup Sri Lanka web portal, aiming to generate 200K employment…
  • India: Gov’t launches virtual school concept to allow millions of eligible students to complete studies
  • Download: Startup Outlook Report 2021 from InnoVen Capital India (pdf)

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Wild Digital Indonesia: September

e-news issue 53: Asia’s tech news

In issue 53:

  • Gen Z and the future of banking: “…Crypto wins over saving accounts …one of the few attractive risks.”
  • Japan, Europe and US app developers tie up to check IT giants
  • China: New rules proposed to ban companies with large amounts of consumer data from listing overseas
  • South Korea: Cybersecurity language in 2021 Biden-Moon summit suggests new measures to diversify alliance
  • Microsoft researchers propose blockchain-based ‘Argus’ bounty system to fight online piracy
  • India: Visa runs proof-of-concept allowing payments in places with low or no internet, using Visa chip
  • China: Xiaomi smartphone giant to acquire Deepmotion, digital mapping tech for autonomous vehicles
  • Download: NFT Industrial Development Report Q1 2021 from Cabin VC (pdf)

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Bloomberg Crypto Outlook: August 2021 (pdf)

e-news issue 52: Asia’s tech news

In issue 52:

  • China: WeChat and UnionPay to recognize each other’s QR codes, marking a major step
  • Singapore: Momos gains $6.5M with unified interface for restaurants, covering delivery and social media…
  • India: Ministry of Electronics and IT Meity Startup Hub partners Paytm digital payments around deep-tech
  • Download: Australia’s AI Action Plan, key feature of Australian Government’s Digital Economy Strategy
  • ICYMI: Facebook considering building products and features related to nonfungible tokens, with Novi digital wallet potentially holding NFTs
  • Australia: Nutromics raises $4.1M with med-tech tracking multiple targets in the human body via single wearable…
  • Taiwan’s Hon Hai to take EV joint venture with Thailand’s PTT public, aiming for nationwide EV ecosystem
  • India: Ministry of Electronics and Info Tech launches Startup Accelerator for Product Innovation, Development…
  • India: Samunnati partners Uni of Hyderabad aiming to place agri-tech ecosystem on a single blockchain…
  • Download: A resilient future for cities – How tech & co-creation can propel a better future, from Accenture (pdf)

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BCG: The Rise Of Digital Banking In Southeast Asia (pdf)

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