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Cybersecurity: February 2021

Cybersec news headlines

Cybersecurity and datasec news items covered in February 2021 spanned items including the Australian Government’s $26M cybersec-focused fund, data leaks in the Brave web browser, an Interpol report on cybercrime in SE Asia, and vulnerabilities found in Indian mobile health apps.

Each cybersecurity news headline below is linked to an article looking at cybersec, datasec, infosec or privacy; each linked article is free-to-read in full, online and at no cost. This way, Startup New Asia’s readers get 2 things instantly from our cybersecurity news round-ups:

  • a quick, at-a-glance overview of cybersecurity news headlines from February 2021; and
  • one-click access to the full story on specific cybersec, datasec and privacy-focused news items.

Technology news: February 2021
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Cybersecurity  |  FinTech

2020 State Of Malware Report: Malwarebytes (pdf)

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Zero Trust Architecture report: PwC

2020 Global Threat Report: Crowdstrike

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