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Blockchain news: February 2021

Blockchain news headlines

Blockchain news items reported in February 2021 spanned items across areas including blockchain use in digital art sales, non-fungible tokens, India’s blockchain industry regulation, and Thailand’s Siam Commercial Bank’s $50M blockchain investment fund.

Each blockchain news headline below is linked to an article focusing on the distributed ledger in some way; each linked article is free-to-read in full, online and at no cost. This way, Startup New Asia’s readers get 2 things instantly from our blockchain news round-ups:

  • an at-a-glance overview of February 2021’s blockchain news; and
  • one-click access to the full story on specific DLT items.

Technology news: February 2021
Artificial intelligence  |  Blockchain  |  Cryptocurrency
Cybersecurity  |  FinTech

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