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Blockchain news: November 2021

Blockchain news headlines

Because of blockchain technology’s foundational importance in Web3 and recent tech generally, November 2021’s blockchain headlines touched on fields including nonfungible tokens, voting, gaming, music and – of course – the metaverse.

Items covered included: blockchain in journalism and media publishing; film-maker Quentin Tarantino’s foray into NFTs; Binance and blockchain-based identity and qualifications management; blockchain-based gaming earnings in South Korea; Cool Points Club’s use of blockchain and NFTs in the Islands of Cool climate change project; and more.

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Cool Points Club / Re-imagining climate action with blockchain

McKinsey & Co: The State of Fashion in 2022 (pdf)

McKinsey & Co: The State of Fashion in 2022 (pdf)

Samsung 837X Metaverse Project

Samsung 837X Metaverse Project

Islands of Cool / Climate change, blockchain & NFTs

Islands of Cool / Climate change, blockchain & NFTs

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