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Cool Points Club

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Cool start-up using funding rounds to create
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Cash is king, but for trans-tasman duo and co-founders of Cool Points Club, Leanne Bats and Jussara Bierman, as they tackle the familiar startup task of raising capital, they’re making sure cash is cool.

When we hear the words climate crisis or carbon footprint most of our eyes glaze over, we sigh and think what can we do. That was until the pair decided it was time to give climate action a facelift, reimage it, and package it up for mass engagement.

“We were following the science and witnessing the impact of climate change, but could no longer be passive observers”, says Sydney-based Jussara.

“Having lived and worked in emerging economies
I have first-hand experience of the impact of
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,
affecting the lives of millions.
We wanted to help change the narrative
and take climate action to the mainstream.”

Leanne adds, “As a mother I have the best reason anyone can to ensure our climate is fit for future generations. We recognised that the time to get that done, is now. And, by reimagining climate action, we can create massive impact, while scaling new climate technologies. If we make action cool and highly engaging – we believe it’s possible to empower the masses to take action with us.”

Cool Points Club

Cool Points Club is all about creating new ways for brands and individuals to be climate active (forget footprints and planting trees); the goal is to remove carbon, as permanently as possible.

Having already launched their first product Cool Gram, a subscription service to make any Instagram account carbon negative – they are now seeking to raise funds and take the company to the next level.

Cool Gram / carbon negative Instagram

In staying true to their vision of reimaging climate action – they’ve decided to use their capital raise as an opportunity to remove carbon – cooling the planet and creating an impact that will last well beyond the funding rounds closing.

Islands of Cool & climate change

In December 2021 Cool Points Club launched Islands of Cool, where they are set to build a digital world for real world environmental significance.

By harnessing blockchain and NFT (non-fungible token) technology, every NFT they create is programmed to remove real world carbon, becoming a ‘digital carbon sponge’ – removing carbon upon mint and at each and every trade thereafter.

The Club have dropped Islands One, a 100-piece edition, worth US$1000 apiece and each removing one ton of carbon.

Island One owners are most comparable to angel investors, with an ability to take a seat at the table and help shape the project through benefits such as voting rights and unfettered access.

Whilst it is early days, Islands of Cool has already completed 50% of the Island One allocation.

Cool Points Club is seeking committed impact investors to grow the vision and take up the rest of the seats at this cool table.

For more on how it works, read the Cool Points Club FAQ

Download this Cool Points Club media release in PDF >

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