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Crypto news: November 2021

Digital currency, NFTs and more

With the explosion in coverage of the NFT space, alongside discussion of the metaverse, cryptocurrency news headlines were many and varied, touching on forms of digital currency far beyond Bitcoin.

Headlines in the crypto space in November covered areas including: Japan’s moves towards a central bank digital currency; Singapore’s OCBC bank considerations around launching a cryptocurrency exchange; Indonesian Muslim’s concerns around cryptocurrency and Shariah law; the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of the blockchains underpinning digital currencies; and many more.

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Cool Points Club / Re-imagining climate action with blockchain

Bloomberg Global Cryptocurrencies Outlook 2022 (pdf)

Bloomberg Global Cryptocurrencies Outlook 2022 (pdf)

AusPost: Australia's Online Shopping 2021 report (pdf)

AusPost: Australia’s Online Shopping 2021 report (pdf)

Deloitte: 2022 Tech, Media, Telecoms Predictions (pdf)

Deloitte: 2022 Tech, Media, Telecoms Predictions (pdf)

Vietnam: HCMC Innovative Startup & Tourism Competition

Vietnam: HCMC Innovative Startup & Tourism Competition

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