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Blockchain news: May 2021

Blockchain headlines in May

The headlines gathered below are a collection of the news headlines in blockchain and related DLT technologies in May 2021.

May’s blockchain news round-up covers items including blockchain-based attempts to defeat movie piracy, blockchain-issued digital bonds, Fox Media’s NFT moves, India’s use of blockchain in medical information, and more.

The listing provides a bullet-point overview of developments in blockchain, focusing on Asia where applicable and also covering wider blockchain news, so as to provide a larger context around blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain news headlines are also part of Startup News Asia’s daily tech updates, sent via mobile app and social media

Singapore Blockchain Landscape (pdf)

Vietnam: Blockchain Hanoi

Blockchain: India Strategy / Niti Aayog (pdf)

Indonesia Blockchain Association

Blockchain Report 2020: CBInsights

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