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= May 2020 =

News on specific technologies – AI, cryptocurrency, fintech, blockchain and cybersecurity – reported online across May 2020 in the English-language online press

We obviously focus on South and Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, but included in each summary is wider-world news with relevance to the locations and jurisdictions we cover; for reference, for interest, for wider context and for a whole-of-ecosystem view.

AI news in May 2020

Artificial intelligence news, monthly

Artificial intelligence and machine learning news

Cryptocurrency news in May 2020

Cryptocurrency news, monthly

Digital currencies, central bank digital initiatives, exchange news…

Blockchain news in May 2020

Blockchain news, monthly

The distributed ledger, in finance, proof-of-provenance, identity management and verification, government applications and beyond

Cybersecurity news in May 2020

Cybersecurity news, monthly

Covering Southeast Asia, Australia and NZ, and the wider world

Fintech news in May 2020

Fintech news, monthly

Banking technology, digital payments, e-commerce, mobile payments and beyond

Also available

Monthly round-ups for each country are available, collecting all news startup and tech-related news items, along with, separately, quarterly country-focused collections spanning 3 months on one page, online.

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