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Malaysia’s startup news, collected monthly from mid-2016 to today, details the country’s tech startups in the English-language online press.

Malaysia’s startup news collections focus mainly on early-stage tech-driven startups, but also cover VC funding, banking tech, cryptocurrency and other technology news, month by month. E-commerce, mobile payments and the growing space of social commerce are also covered.

To read a larger, single-shot collection of Malaysia’s startup news, you can read the quarterly startup news collections.

Links below lead to Malaysia’s startup news listings for each month since 2016, with each item linked to the original online news source.

2022   •   2021   •   2020   •   2019   •   2018   •   2017   •   2016

Creative Digital District / George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Creative Digital District / George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Malaysia’s tech news: 2022

Malaysia: Digital Penang Initiative

Malaysia: Digital Penang Initiative

Malaysian tech news: 2021

Malaysia: eRomman marketplace

Malaysia’s startups in 2020

Alfred fintech, Malaysia

Malaysia’s startup news in 2019

aCAT Penang coworking and programs

Malaysia’s startup news in 2018

Malaysian Global Innovation And Creativity

Malaysia’s startup news in 2017
Malaysia’s startup news in 2016

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