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Japan’s startup news, month by month since 2016, delivered online by Startup News Asia.

The monthly index pages below outline Japan’s startup news from mid-2016 to today, capturing an English-language snapshot of Japan’s startup-related and venture capital funding news, primarily focusing on tech-focused startups. Technologies covered span the broad spectrum from in-hand consumer tech to enterprize technology developments.

If you’d rather read a single-shot collection of Japan’s startup news, you should read the quarterly startup news collections instead.

Links below lead to Japan’s startup news listings for each month since 2016, with each item linked to the original online news source.

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Japan: Women Who Code Tokyo

Japan’s tech news: 2022

Defense of Japan 2022 / Ministry of Defense

Defense of Japan 2022 / Ministry of Defense

Japan’s tech news: 2021

Artificial Intelligence in Japan (pdf)

Japan’s startup news in 2020

Japan: Byacco cryptocurrency

Japan’s startup news in 2019

Startup Capital Kyoto initiative

Japan’s startup news in 2018

Osaka Innovation Hub

Japan’s startup news in 2017

Tokyo Startup Events

Japan’s startup news in 2016

Taiwan: Taipei Blockchain Week 2022

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