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Japan: July 2023

Japanese tech news headlines in July 2023 covered items across a wide range: Japan’s moves to raise all aspects of cybersecurity, nationwide; Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing growth in Japan; the country’s moves into quantum technologies; and more.

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CSET: Emerging Technology Supply Chains

CSET: Mapping emerging technologies and their supply chains

“The center likely will study technologies allowing data that includes business secrets or customers’ personal information to be analyzed or used for machine learning while remaining encrypted. At present, such data needs to be decrypted before being analyzed, which runs afoul of regulations in several countries.”

“China has prioritized keeping data within its borders, restricting foreign companies operating in China from taking data outside the country. Personal information and data related to national security and the economy cannot be moved abroad without permission from authorities.”

Spamhaus Technology: Live Botnets Attack Map

Spamhaus Technology: Live Botnets Attack Map

“To support this capability, the number of cyber specialists in Japan’s Self-Defense Forces will be raised over the next four years from about 890 now. China’s military has 175,000 cyberwarfare personnel, while North Korea has 7,000, Japanese estimates show.”

“Japan’s effort to keep up with cyberthreats is part of a broader defense buildup set out in policy documents updated last month.”

“The first step, starting in fiscal 2023, will be to grow the talent pool. A Ground Self-Defense Force signals school in Yokosuka, near Tokyo, will be reorganized to focus on training cyber specialists.”

UNCTAD Global Report on Blockchain 2023

UNCTAD Global Report on Blockchain 2023

US, Taiwan and Semiconductor Supply Chain

United States, Taiwan & Semiconductors: Critical Supply Chain Partnership


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