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February 2021: Asia's startup news

Japan: September 2018

Japan’s startup news

September 2018

The startup news headlines linked below list September 2018’s startup news headlines for Australia, with links to online news sources for each item reported.

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  • Japan’s SoftBank Ventures Korea arm launches $300M fund focused on China’s early stage tech startups   //   read it here
  • Japan: Triple-1 crypto startup unveils 7nm bitcoin mining ASIC chip   //   read it here
  • Japan: BitTrade crypto exchange acquired by Huobi cryptocurrency giant   //   read it here
  • Japan: LINE social media giant launches cryptocurrency   //   read it here
  • Japanese researchers are using machine learning to detect dementia, with 92% accuracy   //   read it here
  • Japan: Amazon Pay service enters unaffiliated bricks-and-mortar shops for the first time   //   read it here
  • Japan: LINE Pay aims for $1.3BN fundraise to boost app-based financial services   //   read it here
  • Japan: Exit startup will help you quit an awful job by dealing with all the awkwardness   //   read it here
  • Japan: An intro to JX Press’ NewsDigest, newsroom app run by AI   //   read it here
  • Japan: An intro to ALE meteor-shower-on-demand startup   //   read it here
  • Japan: Shizuoka University ready to conduct world-first test of space elevator movement   //   read it here

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