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Japan: January 2023

Japan’s technology news

January 2023 round-up

Technology news headlines from Japan in January of 2023 touched on issues and subject areas including facial recognition, the country’s moves in the cyber-defense space, Japan’s venture capital space regulation amendments, and more.

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Artificial Intelligence in Asia Pacific

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in the Asia Pacific Region

“Disinformation campaigns are part of what is called cognitive warfare — which involves manipulating public opinion and sowing dissent through social media and other channels. Given its potential reach, it is increasingly considered a sixth domain of conflict after land, sea, air, space and the cyber realm.”

“According to the company, the face recognition machines to be installed at both stations will starting operations on March 18 and use a camera mounted on the ticket gate to read the user’s face and match it with a pre-registered photo.”

IMF: CBDCs in Asia and the Pacific

IMF: Towards Central Bank Digital Currencies in Asia and the Pacific

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Accenture: Digital Assets - Unclaimed Territory in Asia

Accenture: Digital Assets – Unclaimed Territory in Asia

Critical technologies, Quarterly - Q4 2023

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