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Startup news headlines from across Asia: November 2020

Our monthly startup news collections provide a selection of headlines gathered from online news platforms, journalists, tech coverage and other online sources, this month focusing on November 2020.

Each of the individual country links below lead to an index for that country; each index page lists technology, startup and funding news headlines for that country in November 2020; and each headline on each country page is individually linked to the online news articles associated with each specific headline listed.

Startup News Asia gathers English-language news items, and so some countries’ listings are ‘lighter’ than others; this is simply due to some locations having less English-language media coverage than local language news media coverage – Myanmar, for instance.

Our montly collections are also available in a more occasional series as pdf downloads for a particular country.  Startup News Asia’s pdf downloads are hyperlinked, allowing browsing and reading online, and are also QR coded, allowing printing and later reading by scanning from hardcopy.

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