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Hong Kong: November 2020

Hong Kong’s tech news

Hong Kong tech snapshot: November 2020

Hong Kong startup news headlines below present a snapshot collected from online media coverage of Hong Kong’s tech, startup and VC news from November 2020.

Each Hong Kong tech news headline listed is hyperlinked to the full article behind it, giving readers an at-a-glance listing of Hong Kong’s startup and technology spaces, and also connecting readers directly to only the full articles that are of most interest.

Hong Kong tech news items here aim to provide a wide-angle look at Hong Kong’s startup news; subjects range from small to large, from pre-Series A to major financial investments in Hong Kong’s startups.

Items are also broader than simply coverage of Hong Kong startups; data security, privacy and other technology-related news from Hong Kong is also featured, to provide a broad knowledge base.

Hong Kong Fintech Week, November 2021

Hong Kong: Fintech 2025 Strategy

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