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Asia's startup news: December 2020 summaries
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Cambodia: November 2020

Cambodia’s tech news

Cambodia’s startup news: November 2020

Cambodian startup news headlines collected here were drawn from online coverage of Cambodia’s tech, startup and funding news across the month of November 2020.

Each Cambodian tech headline is hyperlinked to the accompanying online article, providing an at-a-glance look at recent developments in Cambodia’s startup scene, whilst allowing you to read the articles that interest you most.

Startup news articles linked below provide a wide-angle look at Cambodia’s startup news; subjects cover a spectrum from, for example, Cambodian startups securing seed funding, to Cambodian government startup support initiatives.

Items featured are also broader than simply coverage of Cambodia’s startups; cybersecurity, regulation and coverage of overseas startups operating in Cambodia is also featured, to provide as broad an understanding as possible.

Cambodia: Smart Farm Assistance

Cambodia: Fixh Me

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