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South Korea, monthly

South Korea’s tech and startup news, every month since mid-2016.

Startup News Asia’s monthly startup news collections for South Korea capture technology news covered online in the English-language press across the tech spectrum, spanning Korea’s AI, fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrency spaces and many more.

You can also read South Korea’s startup news in a larger, single-shot collection in the quarterly startup news collections instead.

Links below lead to Korea’s startup news listings for each month since 2016, with each item linked to the original online news source.

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Korean tech news: 2021

South Korea: Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Korea’s startup news in 2020

Korea Startup Week: ComeUp 2020

Korea’s startup news in 2019

Korea Blockchain Week

Korea’s startup news in 2018

Litecoin in Korea

Korea’s startup news in 2017

Korea’s startup news in 2016


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