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Asia's tech news: March 2022 summaries
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March 2022

Asia’s tech, startup and VC news headlines from March 2022
– reports, articles, commentary and downloads

Our technology news coverage in 2022 focuses on 13 primary locations or jurisdictions, each featuring a month-end collection of – in this case – March 2022’s noteworthy tech, startup or VC news headlines for each location.

Items touch on every field in the region’s tech startup ecosystem – fintech, blockchain, crypto, cybersecurity and more; for news in specific technologies, see the In Other Tech News.

And for tech news from across Asia-Pacific via social media, app, Instagram and more, check Startup News Asia’s channels.

Asia’s ‘quieter’ tech locations

Asia’s tech scene earlier in 2021
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Wild Digital SEA Conference: July 2022

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