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January 2024

Technology news headlines in January of 2024 from across Asia and the Indo-Pacific of course covered a huge range of items, issues, achievements and challenges.

These included, for instance: satellites launched by China’s Geely electric vehicles maker; Singapore’s Green Computing Funding Initiative; the launch of the first of Taiwanese firm TSMC’s semiconductor facilities in Japan; trans-Pacific undersea cables connecting Australia to South America, New Zealand and beyond; India’s National Quantum Mission and its goals; and many more.

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Critical technologies in January 2024 >

Australia Cyber Threats Report

Australian Signals Directorate Cyber Threat Report 2022-2023

Internet in China

MERICS: Fragmenting Cyberspace – The future of the internet in China

India and space

Deloitte: NewSpace, India’s space perspective

Malaysia and AUKUS

Malaysia’s Position on AUKUS: Stagnation or Pragmatism?

Singapore National AI Strategy

Singapore National AI Strategy 2.0 (NAIS)


Google Whitepaper: ‘Artificial Intelligence Opportunity Agenda for ASEAN’

Critical technologies in January 2024

Sodium-ion batteries as an alternative to lithium-ion; Intel steps into artificial intelligence chips competition; supply chain trends analyzed for 2024 by KPMG; Taiwan’s 2027 quantum computing bid; Korea’s $471 billion private-sector investment in chips; and many more.

In full: Critical technologies in January 2024 >

Critical technology quarterly

Critical technologies, quarterly: Q4 2023 global news round-up

Indo-Pacific Tech news: Daily

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In the January 30th 2024 newsletter:
India’s quantum technology moves,
China’s photonic semiconductor chips,
subsea cables across the Asia-Pacific,
Pacific Islands cybersecurity concerns,
India’s space industry plans in 2024,
Nokia drops joint venture with Huawei ,
Singapore’s Green Computing bid,
new EU Foreign Direct Investment rules…
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Critical technologies in December 2023

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