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Japan: January 2024

Japan’s technology news in January 2024 covered a range of techs, implementations, issues and achievements, including: TSMC’s first Japan semiconductor manufacturing facility; Japanese investment in Italy’s space debris removal technology; robotics in Japan’s agricultural sector; partnership between Japan, South Korea and the United States on quantum technologies; and more.

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pwc Digital Trust Insights 2024

PwC: Findings from the 2024 Digital Trust Insights Survey

“These technologies are expected to remain relevant for an extended period, given the long lifecycle of many integrated circuits (ICs). TSMC now plans to host a formal opening ceremony on February 24 and the fab will start producing chips in the second half of 2024, as planned. It is rumored that eventually, TSMC will build another fab in Japan…”

Microsoft Future Of Work Report 2023

Microsoft: New Future Of Work Report 2023

‘With Japan facing a significant labor shortage on the horizon, many industries including the agricultural and manufacturing sectors are hoping robots will be a high-tech game changer

NATO and undersea cables

CSIS: NATO’s role in protecting critical undersea infrastructure

“At Camp David, the leaders of the United States, Japan, and the Republic of Korea committed to demonstrate to the people of our respective nations the tangible benefits of trilateral cooperation. Today’s signing is one more step towards fulfilling this collective commitment.  It also follows the December signing of a Trilateral Framework encouraging scientific cooperation among our national laboratories.”

WEF Quantum Blueprint

World Economic Forum Quantum Economy Blueprint – January 2024

“Keeping vehicle data and identification safe from cyberattack is an important shared interest with VinCSS. Through our vulnerability and management system, we expect to improve efficiencies and provide vehicle security beyond vulnerabilities,” Tsai said.

“As VinCSS and VicOne unite, the automotive cybersecurity landscape is poised for a transformative journey towards safety, innovation, and excellence.”

“VicOne, an automotive cybersecurity solutions provider, is at the forefront of developing solutions for automotive cybersecurity.”

Orbiting Now satellite data

Orbiting Now / Satellite orbit data

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2024 Global Semiconductor Outlook

KPMG / GSA: 2024 Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook

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Singtel adds Starlink for maritime use,
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Google backs Pacific Connect undersea cable…
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