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Australia: January 2024

Australian tech news in January 2024 covered items including: funding for Australian critical minerals research; the Humboldt undersea cable project connecting South America to the Asia Pacific; Australian gravity-based energy storage; Canberra’s links to Japanese space debris laser technology; and many more.

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Australia Cyber Threats Report

Australian Signals Directorate Cyber Threat Report 2022-2023

PwC 2024 AI for Business Predictions

PwC 2024 Artificial Intelligence for Business Predictions

“Australia welcomes this new trans-Pacific cable connecting Australia and Latin America for the first time, supporting the growth of digital and economic ties,” federal communications minister Michelle Rowland said.

Sports Tech Accelerator Asia 2024

Real Madrid Next Accelerator for Asia 2024

WEF Quantum Economy Blueprint

World Economic Forum Quantum Economy Blueprint – January 2024

“In what is colorfully termed a ‘brute force’ attack, hackers use bots to test millions of username and password combinations on different websites until they find a match. It’s easier and quicker than many people realize.”

“It is happening more often because the barrier to entry for would-be cybercriminals has never been lower. The dark web is readily accessible and the resources needed to launch attacks are available to anyone with cryptocurrency to spend and the will to cross over to the dark side.”

Australia semiconductor manufacturing

ASPI: Australia’s semiconductor manufacturing moonshot – securing talent

Australian Cybersecurity Strategy 2023-2030

Australian Cybersecurity Strategy 2023-2030

Australian AirSpace Awards 2024

Australian AirSpace Awards 2024 / Nominations now open

“In October, EX-Fusion signed a memorandum of understanding with EOS Space Systems, an Australian contractor with technology for detecting space debris. EX-Fusion has announced its plans to install a powerful laser system at the EOS Space Observatory near Canberra.”

IndoPacific Studies Center

Indo-Pacific Studies Center

New Zealand: January 2024
Orbiting Now satellite data

Orbiting Now / Satellite orbit data

Indo-Pacific Tech news: Daily

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South Korea’s semicon mega-development,
India-Argentina lithium mining,
Singtel adds Starlink for maritime use,
India’s quantum technology moves,
Huawei adds Changan and JD for OS growth,
Google backs Pacific Connect undersea cable…
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Critical technologies in December 2023

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